Luminus’ Gen 2 CCT Tunable COBs Deliver the Industry’s Highest Flux and Efficacy
Luminus’ Gen 2 dynamic COBs feature 90+ CRI and a multi-stripe design for excellent color mixing and high flux density. The 6500K to 2700K CCT range and consistent color <3 SDCM make them ideal for residential and commercial applications including human-centric lighting, museum, high-end retail, hospitality, and circadian lighting. For more information: (c) 2023... Read more
Lazer Line Lens
Our New Round Lens Option Illuminates With A Perfectly Diffused Glow. To achieve ambient uplighting, practical task lighting, and general illumination, Lazer Line Lens offers designers a 0.8″ diameter polycarbonate lens featuring direct or direct/indirect illumination. Uplight only and Downlight only feature the lens with opaque black or white... Read more
Shedding Light on the Future: Nightscape Technology Pioneers Eco-Friendly Illumination
In a groundbreaking LpS-Digital lecture, Willem Sillevis Smitt, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing at Lumileds, delves deep into the transformative journey of the lighting industry, introducing the revolutionary Nightscape Technology. This innovation promises to harmonize our lighting needs with the preservation of our natural ecosystem and the dark sky... Read more
tempLED GmbH: Sustainable Lighting Solutions for the Industry
Energy costs are exploding. For companies, this means putting everything that causes high energy consumption to the test. Anton M. Huber is the managing director of tempLED GmbH, specialising in sustainable solutions for industrial lighting. tempLED develops, produces and installs LED industrial luminaires tailored to its customer’s specific requirements.... Read more
Climate-friendly and Recyclable: NALYSES Research Project Develops Sustainable Headlamp
HELLA is researching in collaboration with industry partners how headlights can be designed more climate friendly. To this end, the automotive supplier operating under the FORVIA umbrella brand, has now started the NALYSES research project, in which the BMW Group, Covestro, geba, Miele, the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the... Read more
ZKW and Swarovski Let the New BMW i7 Shine with Crystal Headlights
One of the highlights of the new all-electric BMW i7 are the sparkling crystal headlights. ZKW has developed a unique lighting system in cooperation with Swarovski and the Bavarian car manufacturer. The four precisely cut crystals on each side of the “Iconic Glow” headlights are underlain by individually controlled... Read more
Luminus Natural, Healthy Spectrum 97 CRI Smooth White™ COBs
Luminus Smooth White COB series delivers a halogen-like spectrum, 97 CRI typical (95 min), all R values (R1-R16)>90 and R9=97 typical.  With CCTs ranging from 2700K to 5000K and 5 LES size options, these COBs are ideal for high color rendering, beautiful skin tones, and light with a natural-feeling,... Read more
Eco-Sustainable Luminaires
The first Italian luminaires for urban lighting, 100% eco-sustainable, and resistant to the corrosion of atmospheric agents and to the impacts of vandalism Montemesola (Ta) –Lorelux® was born in 2021, a brand dedicated to the first eco-sustainable led luminaires for urban lighting, whose lighting body remains unchanged for more... Read more
TRILUX Partner With Smart Building Specialist Wtech
Arnsberg, July 2021 – Future-proof properties have a powerful building management system that brings together, monitors and controls all trades. In order to simplify the integration of lighting into the hardware and software infrastructure of digitalised buildings, TRILUX is in-vesting in the IT expert wtec. The company specialises in... Read more
New French Association Launches
Last month saw the launch of Lumen and Lux, an Association to promote contacts and advance all lighting players in France. “We bring together , in the same structure, natural or legal persons contributing to the value chain and knowledge, around light. We are open to everyone and to all... Read more
Need A Detailed Acoustic Lighting Report?
Trends in Lighting received great feedback from our earlier article introducing the Cooledge acoustic calculator.  Designers are able to simply enter a few pieces of information about the size and architectural finishes of the space and find out just how the acoustics will work. All of this science is... Read more
Daylight Calculator
Kumux have developed software that allows you to take into account your geolocation, time of the year, and sleep-wake cycles to determine the best light settings based on experimental data, data science, and sun position, getting results that are adapted to your needs. This benefits your design process by... Read more
LED Lighting And Strawberry Production
Fluence by OSRAM , a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, announced today its ongoing research at Delphy Improvement Centre, an independent institute and expert in food and flowers located in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, studying how Fluence’s LED lighting solutions impact... Read more
Edge Partners With Signify
A new generation of smart offices drives sustainability, wellness, and people productivity.  What is the impact of an optimal workspace – or a suboptimal one? In the past year, workers across the globe have learned to improvise offices where they can, perhaps for the first time, and give real... Read more
What Is An LED Driver?
In this 4 minute video eldoLED‘s Director of Specifier Services, Gé Hulsmans, breaks down the functions of an LED Driver, the two important elements it brings to light, and ways to program the driver for the best quality of light and more.       Read more
Net Zero Energy Buildings In The US
Net-zero energy buildings are gaining popularity across North America, a sign of both property owners’ commitment and the growing availability of resources to deliver on owners’ zero energy targets. In its 2020 Getting to Zero Buildings List, the Portland, Oregon based New Building Institute stated that the nearly 700... Read more
TRILUX Launch Pay Per Use
TRILUX recently launched the Pay Per Use concept whereby it is possible to rent lighting instead of purchasing. TRILUX offer to finance your lighting in a capital-friendly and balance-neutral manner through monthly instalments, also including a consumption-related tariff. There are no investment costs.  With pay per use, the latest... Read more
Kumux Launch Spectral Simulation Software 2.0
Kumux has launched the 2.0 version of its spectral simulation software, which allows the creation of differential lighting, beneficial to people’s health and plant growth.  At home, in the office, using public transport is where people spend 90% of the day exposed to artificial lighting in different environments. “We... Read more
Samsung And Microsoft Announce Digital Collaboration
The EU Green Deal ensures smart buildings remain a priority for the world’s biggest technology companies. This week, Samsung and Microsoft announced a global collaboration focused on digitally transforming the real estate development and property management industries. “This collaboration, combining smart appliances and digital cloud technologies, aims at helping... Read more
Synapsys And Lunatone Partner For New Smart Controls
Adding to an already comprehensive range of lighting controls, Synapsys has exclusively partnered with Lunatone of Austria to provide single function controls, ballasts and sensors, all available through the new Synapsys eStore.  This range offers complete control and integration of lighting systems from Synapsys. Technical Sales Manager James Barton... Read more
Samsung Leads Human Centric Lighting Movement
Samsung’s Human-centric Lighting Solutions utilise precisely designed light spectra with optimised amounts of cyan to accommodate lighting needs to the extent desired at any given point in time: the LM302N DAY improves alertness and the LM302N NITE enhances relaxation. The DAY and NITE packages can also be combined into... Read more
Bartenbach Launch New Optic Design
Bartenbach as part of the Repro-light Consortium Deliver Intelligent Optics Aldrans, Tyrol, June 2020 –  Bartenbach’s interdisciplinary team this week announced the successful engineering of two unparalleled optic designs. Driven by the scope of the Repro-light project, “To successfully initiate transformation in the European LED lighting industry, by creating... Read more
The Future Is Contactless
To survive the COVID-19 pandemic, society returned to traditional defensive measures; lockdowns, social distancing, plus soap and water. To cope with the crisis, we have embraced the digital world like never before, seamlessly swapping physical for virtual during the social aspects of work and play. To return to “normality,”... Read more
Scaling Up Wireless Lighting Controls
120,000 sq feet illuminated by Bluetooth mesh luminaires Located in the picturesque city of Red Deer, Canada, Westerner Park is Central Alberta’s largest trade show, agriculture, entertainment and sports facility.  For more than 125 years, it has been a destination of choice for locals gathering to celebrate all kinds... Read more
Bluetooth Mesh Hits Vegas
Bluetooth mesh standard reaches new heights in a retrofit at Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas.  The Bluetooth mesh lighting control ecosystem continues to grow at an exponential rate. In November, the number of Bluetooth SIG-qualified mesh products available on the market increased to more than 400.  That same month,... Read more
Rosco Creates MIXBOOK™ Digital Swatch Kit
US firm ROSCO Laboratories have created a digital swatchbook for the lighting community.  MIXBOOK™ is the world’s first digital swatchbook for lighting professionals to previsualise LED colour choices. The digital world of LED lighting has made life as a lighting designer easier in many ways.  There is one aspect,... Read more
Bluetooth Mesh Standard For OSRAM HQ
In cooperation with Silvair as the company’s technology partner, OSRAM has recently launched a new wireless control solution for qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. Cost-effective and uncomplicated, HubSense® allows for transforming existing installations into flexible, energy-efficient systems. To demonstrate these capabilities, OSRAM revamped the lighting controls at its Munich... Read more
Latécoère, Signify and Huneed Technologies – LiFi Collaboration For Commercial Aircraft
Airline passengers have much to celebrate with this latest technology partnership and can look forward to cabin systems becoming truly connected.  Latécoère, a Toulouse based aircraft manufacturer partner, has announced an industrial scale-up of its LiFi technology in cooperation with Signify on its Trulifi technology and South Korean aerospace... Read more
Find Your Work Space Through Connected Lighting
Pharmaceutical company Roche has transformed an area in one of its German offices into a smart workplace by implementing the Interact Office Space management application from Signify. The pilot office space at Roche in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany was equipped with Philips LED connected lighting and IoT sensors, using Signify’s Interact... Read more
Signify Roll-Out Global LIFI Pilot
Signify announced today it is working with more than 30 customers in Europe, North America and Asia to pilot LIFI. Its LiFi-enabled LED fixtures combine excellent light quality with a fast broadband data connection using light waves, enabling customers to send email, securely access their company network and surf... Read more
EnOcean Alliance – Ready For The Next Generation Of EPBD
Buildings are supposed to be CO2-neutral by 2050, and this will already lead to a number of stricter requirements in the coming years. The main focus lies on strengthening building automation. Maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for smart buildings based on the international EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10) will help... Read more
Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality Demonstrates Possibilities Of Immersive Technology In Architecture
Project Correl is a collaborative experiment in multi-presence virtual reality (VR) illustrating the development of complex assemblies inside virtual space. A shared digital extension to our physical reality that proposes a dynamic new relationship between human creators and machine logic. Powered by Unreal Engine, Project Correl demonstrates the possibilities... Read more
The Role of Master Systems Integrators (MSI) – Survey
Intelligent Buildings LLC, supported by Anixter InternationalInc., Lynxspring, Inc., SkyFoundry, LLC and Navigant Research, recently conducted a survey which gathered opinions on the systems integrator market as it relates to smart buildings and to further qualify the differentiation for Master Systems Integrators (MSIs). The aim of the survey was... Read more
New Smart City Apps & Intelligent Lighting Controls from Current by GE
The City of San Diego, which announced last year it is building the world’s largest smart city IoT platform, revealed several industry-leading system enhancements at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona this week. In partnership with Current, powered by GE (NYSE: GE), San Diego is rolling out... Read more
Light Enables Hair Sized Sensor To Gather Heat Data.
Light Enables Hair Sized Sensor To Gather Heat Data. Researchers at Washington University are the first to successfully record environmental data in a local park using a drone mounted photonic sensor the size of a human hair. The “internet of things” (IoT) is everywhere, millions of wireless sensors predominately... Read more
Building the ‘luminaire of the future’.
Over the recent months, Repro-light, an EU Horizon 2020 project, has been gathering data from all over Europe. And now they need your help, as well. Repro-light is a European research project that aims to support the European lighting industry in moving towards a more sustainable and competitive future.... Read more
Commissioning of Connected Lighting Networks – What Makes it so Challenging?
Commissioning of Connected Lighting Networks – What Makes it so Challenging? With constant technology advancements and growing market awareness, we are all getting more and more familiar with various aspects of wireless lighting controls. However, the commissioning process still seems not to be getting the attention it deserves. Let’s... Read more
New IOT-READY™ Alliance to Establish Industry Standard for IoT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures
New IOT-READY™ Alliance to Establish Industry Standard for IoT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures Leading lighting and LED driver manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) technology companies, and industry groups have established the IoTReady ™ Alliance, dedicated to making installation of IoT technology in luminaires easy now and in... Read more
Bluetooth is Paving the Way for Smart Lighting Platforms
Bluetooth is Paving the Way for Smart Lighting Platforms by Guest Author Martin Wooley, Bluetooth SIG With release of Bluetooth® mesh and recent advancements in Bluetooth broadcasting, Bluetooth is expanding the definition of the smart building— and commercial lighting is the platform for it all. Commercial lighting provides a... Read more
The IOT Pie – How To Grab Your Slice
THE IOT PIE – HOW TO GRAB YOUR SLICE The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a popular phrase in business over the last few years, with the number of IoT solution providers growing faster than ever. In his article, Peter Smith, UK Technical Sales Manager at EnOcean,... Read more