tempLED GmbH: Sustainable Lighting Solutions for the Industry tempLED GmbH: Sustainable Lighting Solutions for the Industry
Energy costs are exploding. For companies, this means putting everything that causes high energy consumption to the test. Anton M. Huber is the managing... tempLED GmbH: Sustainable Lighting Solutions for the Industry

Energy costs are exploding. For companies, this means putting everything that causes high energy consumption to the test. Anton M. Huber is the managing director of tempLED GmbH, specialising in sustainable solutions for industrial lighting. tempLED develops, produces and installs LED industrial luminaires tailored to its customer’s specific requirements. For Anton M. Huber, the way to a greener industry is through energy saving, efficiency and ingenuity.

Industrial electricity prices in Germany have increased significantly within a year. This development is unlikely to be reversed in the next few years. The additional financial burden is causing headaches for companies, as the costs cannot usually be passed on to customers. Opportunities to save energy are therefore in demand. But where can previously undiscovered potential be found? “We notice time and again that the lighting of production halls is not at the top of the list for companies,” says Anton M. Huber of tempLED GmbH. “This is undoubtedly a mistake. However, I understand that people are hesitant in this regard.” After all, industrial production places exceptionally high demands on lighting quality. He said that one need only think of the high temperatures, dust and dirt in a steel mill. “Companies see the potential for energy savings but fear that a retrofit will involve high costs that won’t pay for themselves quickly. Of course, quality has its price, but the investment pays for itself within six to twelve months under today’s conditions,” says the expert.

tempLED GmbH stands for sustainable concepts for industrial lighting. The company is at home wherever the demands on light are exceptionally high: extreme ambient temperatures, high altitudes and heavy dust exposure. tempLED develops and produces its lighting, especially for steel mills, shipyards, paper mills, zinc plants and aluminium smelters. It all started in a small office in Rosenheim, Bavaria, where motivation and expertise defied the problematic conditions of the founding years. The lighting solutions were in demand, so the company overgrew, hired more employees, and invested the profits in its own development. This was followed by expanding into the entire German-speaking region and opening additional locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For Anton M. Huber, the result is far from over. He wants to make tempLED a global player.

One company that relies on the lighting concepts of tempLED GmbH is Trimet Aluminium SE in Hamburg. Trimet is concerned with three production halls 600 meters long and 15 meters high. The production of aluminium involves high temperatures and dust generation. After an on-site survey, the company decided on a solution with the tempLED RayBeam Pro HT, which is particularly suitable for the specific conditions. The LED high bay luminaire is ideal for temperatures up to 80 degrees and copes well with dust generation thanks to its porous design. The safety glass cover lens also has a remarkably smooth surface resistant to dust and dirt. Ultimately, more than 500 RayBeam Pro HT were installed. Trimet is extremely satisfied with the cost-saving and, above all, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

“Besides the immediate cost savings, the advantage of our LED luminaires is their modular design,” Anton M. Huber tells us. “Everyone knows you can save up to 75% energy with LEDs. However, that’s not enough for us because development continues. The LEDs in our luminaires can therefore be exchanged and easily replaced by more efficient ones. This also applies to the other components. Incidentally, our luminaires have a recycling rate of over 90%.”

Sustainability is not only crucial to Anton M. Huber in terms of his products. tempLED sees itself as a modern employer for whom the employees’ work-life balance and personal development are essential. tempLED also feel committed to the region of its locations – whether it is Germany, Austria, Switzerland or soon a subsidiary on another continent.


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