Bartenbach Launch New Optic Design Bartenbach Launch New Optic Design
Bartenbach as part of the Repro-light Consortium Deliver Intelligent Optics Aldrans, Tyrol, June 2020 –  Bartenbach’s interdisciplinary team this week announced the successful engineering... Bartenbach Launch New Optic Design

Bartenbach as part of the Repro-light Consortium Deliver Intelligent Optics

Aldrans, Tyrol, June 2020 Bartenbach’s interdisciplinary team this week announced the successful engineering of two unparalleled optic designs. Driven by the scope of the Repro-light project, “To successfully initiate transformation in the European LED lighting industry, by creating the ‘Luminaire of the Future’.”  Bartenbach was tasked to deliver a novel optical system, and is pleased to present two new “LED Light Tile Optics (LLT)”. 

 The concept comprises a modular system allowing unlimited configuration, and light distributions within the fixture. At only 8.3mm thick the LLT can easily be integrated in the light exit plane of many fixtures.  Through using total internal reflection, light emitted by the LED is dispersed evenly over the whole tile and precisely radiated following a desired light intensity distribution. Therefore, high luminance outside the radiation field and multi-shadowing are avoided.

The patented design of the reflectively coated micro-facets ensures targeted, even distribution of light.  Each facet is therefore calculated individually for total optimized light control.  Depending on the chosen design of the facets, almost any desired light distribution can be achieved without the need to change the visual appearance of the tile. This unique light point composition across the facets, creates a consistent luminous surface with no multi-shadowing and also with no color shadowing when using two different colored LEDs, since they are perfectly mixed within the tile.

All LLTs with varying light intensity distributions  are designed for the same LED position and share the same outer dimensions. Therefore, the same fixture can be used in different applications, by simply replacing an LLT to give an alternative desired light distribution. Tiles with different distributions can be mixed within one luminaire, for example, to generate ambient light and task light from the same luminaire. 

Specifically for the Repro-light project, two types of tiles were created: a special batwing-distribution for task light, avoiding reflective-glare, and a wall wash distribution to generate large area ambient light.  The downlight with batwing distribution can be both symmetrical and asymmetrical, i.e. the left part of the luminaire shines to the right and vice versa.  Additionally, as light is distributed from the right and left optics there is no reduction of  light directly underneath. When utilized together they harmoniously accomplish the following: reduced reflective glare, color mixing, elimination of multi shadowing, and are fully flushed.

In terms of application there are no limits: office, general illumination, hospitality, gastronomy, residential, outdoor and also within the Personal Table Light, which is engineered and designed by Bartenbach. The variation possibilities are also endless: singlepoint, multipoint (linear/panels), single function, multifunction, recessed, semi recessed, surface mounted, suspended, freestanding and table mounted.

“At Bartenbach we are very excited to have engineered an innovative optic design that adapts and works so flexibly across many environments, and we are proud to be part of the Repro-light consortium”.  Christian Anselm, Director Development

The development team is continually pushing boundaries and shaping the future of lighting with meticulous engineering. Bartenbach is famed for its innovation and creation of stunning lighting solutions. Notably, the James Bond cinematic experience in Soelden, Austria and the Airbnb Headquarters in Ireland.


Bartenbach is an award winning lighting design and research consultancy nestled in the mountains above Innsbruck. A team of architects, physicists, psychologists and designers forging individual lighting solutions. This interdisciplinary team is proud to be part of the international scientific community network, always at the cutting edge of research.

The Repro-light consortium consists of leading European experts including; TRILUX, a driving force of the European lighting industry, components manufacturers including BJB, Grado Zero Espace, and Rohner Engineering, innovative members of the lighting industry Bartenbach and Luger Research, as well as experts in lighting sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment IREC and Mondragon University who are prominent in Social Sciences.

 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768780.

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