Tiered Paintings with Dynamic Backlit LED Lighting
Tiered Paintings Artist: Clint Eccher (USA) Trends: A backlit painting with LED technology (dimmable, color controlled) Features: Connected through SmartControls Sources: LpS 2016 in Bregenz www.clinteccher.com   Read more
Light that Adapts with Temperature
Light & Darkness Design/Artist: Julian Lange (Germany) Trends: A luminary that changes the light output based on the operation temperature Features: The housing changes its translucency based on the temperature from black to transparent Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz http://seoul-be-bright.com/light-and-darkness/ Read more
Luminous Textiles

Luminous Textiles

Technology January 12, 2017 0

Lighting Fabrics Design: Carpetlight (Germany) Trends: Flexible curtains with integrated LEDs for interior design Features: DMX controlled system to display patterns Sources: LpS 2016 in Bregenz http://www.carpetlight.com Read more
Horticultural Lighting
Horticultural Lighting for Tomato Production Design: Wageningen (The Netherlands) Trends: Production increase of +4.3% compared to HPS lighting Features: Heat emission of LEDs is much lower than that of HPS Sources: LpS 2016 workshop in Bregenz https://www.wur.nl/en.htm Read more