Connected Retail: Reduce Energy Consumption, Make Customized Offers
by Zumtobel Group Connected buildings and smart applications create added value for retail companies. Whether it’s a large supermarket or an exclusive brand store: customer loyalty apps or indoor navigation turn shopping into an experience and enable customised offers for consumers. In addition, demand-based lighting management in particular is... Read more
tempLED GmbH: Sustainable Lighting Solutions for the Industry
Energy costs are exploding. For companies, this means putting everything that causes high energy consumption to the test. Anton M. Huber is the managing director of tempLED GmbH, specialising in sustainable solutions for industrial lighting. tempLED develops, produces and installs LED industrial luminaires tailored to its customer’s specific requirements.... Read more
Sustainable Lighting and the Circular Economy
Sustainability concerns cut across all aspects of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to buildings and construction, so as multi-disciplinary consultants, we have a role to play in mitigating the environmental impact. Central to how the world develops a... Read more
Night Time Design Process
ARUP are leading the way in formulating an evidence based night time lighting design process.  Through community engagement listening to marginalized voiced across the globe to understand safety and night time lighting.  The idea is to create spaces than are more inclusive, energized and safe.  A multi-layered and holistic... Read more
Light and Lighting Design: What I actually do
Light and Lighting Design: What I actually do! is now available to watch online.  Enjoy the PechaKucha by the keynote speaker Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Light Artist and extraordinary Jesper Ravn, Associate IALD, Jari Vuorinen, Ute Besenecker, Educator IALD, Darío Nuñez Salazar, Associate IALD, and Katia Valerie Banoun.   The event garnered 250 attendees and was delivered by... Read more
What Is An LED Driver?
In this 4 minute video eldoLED‘s Director of Specifier Services, Gé Hulsmans, breaks down the functions of an LED Driver, the two important elements it brings to light, and ways to program the driver for the best quality of light and more.       Read more
Light On The Brain
Are you worried about the amount of time your children are spending indoors and on screens? Are you noticing changes in their behaviour and ability to concentrate, catching them rubbing their eyes and concerned about their sight? Wearing glasses can make it hard to be active. It turns out... Read more
Mark Ridler On Circular Economy Approaches At BDP
Watch the latest LpS DIGITAL video on our YouTube channel.  Mark Ridler, Head of Lighting at BDP London discusses the challenges of implementing the complexities of circular economy principles.  A must-watch for developers, manufacturers and designers to appreciate the detailed costings, contract implications and specification ramifications to achieve a... Read more
Reco Lamp Podcast With Ourania Georgoutsakou
Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of Lighting Europe is interviewed for the 4th episode of the Recolamp podcast, hosted by Diana Şerban.  The podcast explores how  lighting impacts our mood and circadian rhythm. Listen to ways in which to achieve an efficient lighting strategy and how we should use light... Read more
Filamento Interview
Lighting Designer Paula Rainha talks to Trends in Lighting about her newly launched joint venture Filamento Architectural Light Design.  Paula Rainha and Joana Mendo launched their lighting design practice in a tumultuous environment after collaborating together on numerous projects. TiL: Can you tell our readers about your journey into... Read more
Spotlight Interview
Trends in Lighting caught up with Thomas Nell from Spotlight to talk about the future of theatre and lighting.  Spotlight brings 50 years of design and production to light the most famous theatres and museums across the globe. TiL: What sort of projects do you get involved in? TN:... Read more
The Poetics Of Darkness
  Take 25 minutes out of your day to listen to Monica Llamas and Florencia Castro deliver an awe-inspiring presentation on the concept of darkness and its value to lighting design.   Read more
Award Winning Nitika Agrawal Launches Light Dew
Lighting Designer Nitika Agrawal talks to Trends in Lighting about her newly launched venture Light Dew. Following her experience in the lighting industry with AECOM, one of biggest multinational building engineering and construction firms worldwide, and global lighting manufacturer, Zumtobel Group, Nitika Agrawal talks to us about the challenges... Read more
How To Light Your Home Office With Nulty+
Ellie Coombs, Managing Director at Nulty+ gives the Trends in Lighting team her top tips for creating a productive home office and improving your lighting scheme: With many of us having found ourselves unexpectedly working from home and the focus so far having been on stockpiling ridiculous amounts of... Read more
Designers Mind Launches Health And Wellbeing Programme
Designers Mind is a community where designers can share knowledge and experience to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing.  A once taboo topic, mental health initiatives are increasingly gaining publicity and as a result, discussion is no longer shameful. The design industry is a very stressful environment often... Read more
BDP Recognised For Award-Winning Student Centre In London
BDP’s Senior Lighting Designer Lora Kaleva gives Trends in Lighting the full report on the new 45 million GBP University College London Student Centre. Multi award-winning global architecture, engineering and design practice BDP has received recognition from the British Education Estates Awards, which crowned the UCL Student Centre Project... Read more
Student Design Challenge – Stick To The Brief
Joe Farinella of Lightly Technologies gives Trends in Lighting some sound advice on the importance of sticking to the client brief. “Creative people are rarely short of a good idea. Choosing the right idea is usually the hard bit. A deep understanding of the challenge presented by a client, combined with... Read more
Luminaire Design Debate in Europe – Anything Loved is Sustainable
One panel at TiL 2019 saw Ourania Georgoutsakou Secretary General from Lighting Europe moderate a lively discussion on the future of luminary design and sustainability.  Ruarí O’Brien shared concerns on building culture and sustainable options “We must have a better product for people and society long-term and to be... Read more
Day and Night Design – Keith Bradshaw
At TiL 2019 the key themes presented by Keith Bradshaw were the dynamic use of light on projects, and harnessing the concept that the nature of light is a source of change.  Keith presented the idea of recording light using video as a dynamic source of inspiration instead of... Read more
“Nature Is Always The Very Best When It Comes To Solving Problems”
Saurabh Sachdev is working as a daylight specialist and project designer at Light Bureau. Before Light Bureau, he was working as a research fellow and lecturer, teaching lighting science and daylight at the University of Wismar and before that, employed as a daylight design specialist & lighting designer at... Read more
“There Is An Old Cliche That Lighting Design Is The Balance Between Art And Science. And It Absolutely Is.”
Mark Ridler is an award winning international lighting designer who leads the lighting profession across BDP, a multi award-winning global architecture, engineering and design practice. Mark believes that collaboration is essential for great design. He has recruited a vibrant team from varied backgrounds, including product designers, engineers, theatre designers... Read more
“We Are Evolving More Into The Role Of Educating Clients, Architects And Electrical Engineers About Lighting Technology”
The last in our series of interviews exploring the impact technology has had on design practises is with the extremely talented, and Top 40under40 2019 finalist, Julia Hartmann, from lightsphere in Zurich. lightsphere is a relatively new practise that has grown over the last 5 years to be one... Read more
“It Will Not Be Pain Free And A Decision Has To Be Made About Which Pain You Want To Suffer.”
TiL Online in conversation with Mathias Burger, expert in Connectivity and Smart Lighting at Samsung. Mathias began his career with Martin Professional as product manager after studying Technology and Innovation Management at the Technical University of Munich. After supporting the transition of Martin Professional from a conventional luminaire portfolio... Read more
“We In The Lighting Field Now Have Tools On Hand We Often Can’t Find The Benefits Or User Scenarios For. This Is Crazy.”
Licht Kunst Licht is a multi-award winning design studio with a reputation for innovation, effective, and sometimes provocative work. Based in both Bonn and Berlin, the German lighting designers have delivered work in more than 800 domestic and international projects in all project categories ranging from residential to masterplan.... Read more
“We Are Not Led By The Technology, But By The Ideas”
The multi-award winning Michael Grubb Studio, in Bournemouth, UK, is a design practice with a varied international portfolio. They follow a creative, dialogue led process that results in innovative lighting solutions that address the way we perceive buildings, structures, environments and how we interact with them. This interview is... Read more
User Research Helps Build An informed Direction For The Lighting Industry
Bartenbach, nestled in the Austrian Alps, is a research and development laboratory dedicated to light, and it is always at the cutting edge of research. With a long and successful history in light innovation, Bartenbach is also world renowned for light design and installations. Due to their vast and... Read more
Moving From the Technology Dominant Phase Into A User-Focused Phase
There was a time, not so long ago, that you had two choices with regards to your lights. They were either off or on. Then came dimmer-switches, and we enjoyed romantically lit dinners in our homes and focused on PowerPoint presentations in ambient darkness in boardrooms across the world.... Read more
Watch the 2018 Trends in Lighting Forum &Show Video
At the end of last year we saw an incredible gathering of architects, planners, designers and technologist at TiL 2018. In Bregenz we hosted three exceptional and insightful days of workshops, lectures and exhibitions.  Trends in Lighting Forum &Show is dedicated to bridging the gap between lighting design and... Read more
TiL Report: Human Centric Lighting – Quo Vadis by DI Johannes Weninger
Lighting technology goes through a time of groundbreaking changes these days. The extensive application of the compact digital light source LED facilitates the generation of dynamic lighting scenarios with varying intensities, spectra and luminous intensity distributions and the implementation of new lighting designs for personal visual, biological and emotional... Read more
TiL Commentary: A New Lighting Scene by Rogier van der Heide
I wouldn’t be telling you anything new if I said that technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. But in the lighting industry there is a lot more happening, which makes these times truly disruptive and perhaps even inconvenient for some people … but not for me. Gone are the... Read more
5 Leaders In Lighting Share Their Vision For The Future Of The Industry
The co-hosted LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS) and Trends in Lighting Forum &Show (TiL) returned to Bregenz last month. These two international conference and exhibition events have been carefully designed over the last 8 years to form a complete ‘insight circle’ in lighting: encompassing science, research and development, technologies,... Read more
“Be Open To New Ideas, Look Around, Talk To Others”.
“Be Open To New Ideas, Look Around, Talk To Others”. Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of LightingEurope shares with us her thoughts on the disruption of lighting, the international market, and what issues the industry is facing today. TiL: Do you believe the disruption in lighting is finite or will it... Read more
Should It Be Architectural Media Instead Of Architectural Lighting From Now On?
Should It Be Architectural Media Instead Of Architectural Lighting From Now On? As the retail and hospitality market grows evermore competitive and consumers demand increasingly more complex and uniquely tailored experiences, how can lighting design support these market adjustments and respond to these challenging requirements? Leading expert in interactive... Read more
Commentary by Ruairi O’Brien – The Good the Bad and the Ugly
We sit as lighting designers in our offices and look at beautiful pictures of beautiful lighting scenarios in beautiful glossy magazines. We are inspired by possibilities that new lighting technologies can offer us and allow ourselves to dream of the beautiful projects to come. Reality hits us as soon... Read more
TiL Interview with Prof. Christian Cajochen – Head of the Centre for Chronobiology at the University of Basel
Human Centric Lighting has become a catchphrase used by industry and the press. But the press has also started reporting that research emphasizes the danger of LED lighting in connection to our health and has coined the term “Blue Light Hazard”. These claims have caused confusion amongst end users... Read more