Marco Milano Joins Filix Lighting As MD
Marco Milano joins Filix Lighting Germany as Managing Director as part of an expansion across European markets.  He has many years experience in the lighting industry from his previous role at Stuttgart based Wibre. ” A better understanding of what lighting designers need to have in lighting instruments requires... Read more
Acuity Brands Announces Partnership With CIRCADIAN ZircLight
Acuity brands announced a partnership with CIRCADIAN ZircLight This business partnership includes licensing of CIRCADIAN ZircLight intellectual property, and a collaboration intended to accelerate commercialisation within North America of CIRCADIAN’s Zirc™ branded technology through Acuity Brands’ portfolio of indoor luminaires. Over the past five years, CIRCADIAN ZircLight has created... Read more
LEDiL Makes Key Leadership Changes
Finnish LED secondary optics specialists make key changes to the leadership team. Petteri Saarinen has been appointed as the new CEO of LEDiL, Petteri Saarinen has more than 20 years of operational and international experience within several different companies.  His most recent position was in the Finnish inductive energy... Read more
Sustainability Focus As ÅF Lighting Rebrand As Light Bureau
ÅF Lighting changes its name to Light Bureau and launches a new common brand with one name. Light Bureau is part of the engineering consultancy rebranded AFRY, formerly ÅF Pöyry, operating globally under the Business Area, Architecture and Design.  Light Bureau joined ÅF Lighting in 2017 and have since... Read more
British Marks And Spencer To Roll Out Signify 3D Printed Luminaires
Signify the global heavyweight, today unveiled its facilities to 3D print luminaires in the Netherlands and plans to establish 3D printing factories in the US, India and Indonesia.  The company has perfected this highly flexible, more sustainable form of manufacturing, using a 100% recyclable polycarbonate material, which allows luminaires... Read more
Silvair Partners With OSRAM On Lighting Controls
Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, announced a technology partnership with OSRAM.  As part of the cooperation, Silvair will provide a robust wireless control technology for HubSense®, a new lighting control system from OSRAM. HubSense® is... Read more
Latécoère, Signify and Huneed Technologies – LiFi Collaboration For Commercial Aircraft
Airline passengers have much to celebrate with this latest technology partnership and can look forward to cabin systems becoming truly connected.  Latécoère, a Toulouse based aircraft manufacturer partner, has announced an industrial scale-up of its LiFi technology in cooperation with Signify on its Trulifi technology and South Korean aerospace... Read more
Signify Make A Move In North America
Signify is to acquire Cooper Lighting Solutions “Today’s announcement confirms the strategic importance of the North American market for Signify. This acquisition will substantially strengthen our position in this attractive market,” said Eric Rondolat, CEO of Signify. “We look forward to welcoming the team from Cooper Lighting. They have... Read more
Watch the 2018 Trends in Lighting Forum &Show Video
At the end of last year we saw an incredible gathering of architects, planners, designers and technologist at TiL 2018. In Bregenz we hosted three exceptional and insightful days of workshops, lectures and exhibitions.  Trends in Lighting Forum &Show is dedicated to bridging the gap between lighting design and... Read more
The Full Program For TiL2018 Is Here
The Full Program For TiL2018 Is Here This year Trends in Lighting returns to Bregenz, and it has evolved to become even more inspiring and vital to the lighting industry. TiL2018  demonstrates that lighting knows no boundaries and has new and unexpected applications everywhere: in healthcare, entertainment, mobility and agriculture,... Read more
A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting
TiL 2018: A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting   As this week sees the launch of the TiL 2018 program, we caught up with the curator of the event; renowned lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, to establish what motivated the choices he made, what we... Read more
New IOT-READY™ Alliance to Establish Industry Standard for IoT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures
New IOT-READY™ Alliance to Establish Industry Standard for IoT Sensor Installation in LED Lighting Fixtures Leading lighting and LED driver manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) technology companies, and industry groups have established the IoTReady ™ Alliance, dedicated to making installation of IoT technology in luminaires easy now and in... Read more
Philips Lighting to be Renamed Signify, Representing the New Language of Light.
Philips Lighting to be renamed Signify, representing the new language of light. Philips Lighting used the global arena, Light + Building, to announced its intention to change its name from Philips Lighting to Signify. The choice of the new company name originates from the fact that light becomes an... Read more