CIE Introduces Comprehensive List of Technical Report Datasets
The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated page that provides a comprehensive list of datasets included in various CIE Technical Reports and International Standards. This new resource aims to offer researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts easy access to vital datasets. In... Read more
Countdown Begins in European Union: Only One Month Left Until Traditional Lamps are Swept Away by Historic Lighting Revolution
The countdown has begun: in just one month, several commonly used lamps will be restricted in the EU. The 2019 EU Ecodesign rules for light sources and separate control gears and the 12 RoHS Delegated Directives published in February 2022 will affect the placing on the EU market of... Read more
New Publications from London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI)
LETI Specification and Procurement Guide This guide has been created to support designers and Contractors who are facing the difficult task of trying to reduce embodied carbon without a clear roadmap to follow. The Low Embodied Carbon Specification and Procurement guide is intended to support that process by considering... Read more
Review Of Waste Framework Directive
This week saw LightingEurope collaborate with EucoLight to address the obligations of lighting manufacturers at the end of life of their products.  Marc Guiraud gave an overview of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) including a proposal for a revision to the text expected in 2023. European Commission guidance on... Read more
New Evidence For UV-C Disinfection Technology
In an open letter to the ECDC, LightingEurope calls for UV-C to be used as a complementary technology.  The latest scientific studies and developments support that UV-C is widely used to disinfect water, surfaces and the air and has been proven to inactivate, without exception, all bacteria, and viruses... Read more
CIBSE And LIA Launch Scheme For Circular Economy
Industry leaders back new circular economy assurance scheme designed to support the accuracy of circular economy claims from lighting manufacturers and specifiers. Set up by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), the TM66 Circular Economy Assured scheme will provide a quality mark for the... Read more
New Guidelines For European Product Registry Energy Labelling
For its’ members LightingEurope has published guidance on how to apply the EPREL obligations to light sources. All products in scope of the new EU ecodesign and energy labelling rules for light sources must be registered in the EPREL database before they can be placed on the market. The... Read more
What Is The EU ‘Fit For 55’ Package?
Last week saw the unveiling of the EU Fit for 55  fitness program for Europe to deliver 36-39% of energy efficiency savings for final and primary energy consumption by 2030 into binding legislation. How does the lighting industry contribute? Lighting will help deliver the energy savings the EU needs. “Europe’s... Read more
How To Tackle Product Compliance Online
eCommerce is becoming an increasingly important sales channel. According to EU statistics, 72% of Internet users in the European Union shopped online in 2020. At the same time, an ever-increasing number of non-compliant products remain easily accessible to end-users on the EU Single Market.  In 2019, almost 41 million... Read more
Energy Performance Of Buildings
LightingEurope participated in the first stakeholder meeting on the targeted revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, organised by the European Commission. LightingEurope strongly supports the call for scaling up renovation rates across Europe. With 97% of EU buildings in need of renovation, this represents a unique opportunity... Read more
UK And EU Divergence Signals Appear Already
Under forthcoming EU and UK legislation, lighting manufacturers will have to incorporate replaceable light sources and control gear in their products. But how will this work in practice? Where’s the incentive to use standard connectors? Who decides what a ‘commonly available tool’ is? Who decides what a ‘qualified person’... Read more
Renovation Wave
18 national associations and their European-level association, representing Europe’s lighting manufacturing companies (1000 companies, 80% of which are SMEs) are urging companies to put renovation, including of the lighting installations, at the heart of national recovery and resilience plans. Requesting prioritisation of investments and policy stimuli that will accelerate... Read more
Mercury Phase-Out Nearly Complete
LightingEurope members have been working with the lighting value chain and customers since Dec 2018 when the EU phase out timetable for mercury lamps was voted by member states. LightingEurope is supporting the EU’s objective for a smooth transition to substitutes and alternative technologies to ensure users understand their... Read more
New ILP Course Understanding Obtrusive Light
The Institution of Lighting Professionals launches latest online course, Understanding Obtrusive Light: Application of Guidance Note 01 (GN01). Artificial light provides many benefits but if not properly considered, designed and installed can result in a range of issues including but not limited to obtrusive light, sky glow, adverse effects... Read more
EUCOLIGHT Celebrates Two Billion Recycled Lamps Across Europe
Brussels, 11 February 2021. EucoLight, the European Association of collection and recycling organisations for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) lamps and lighting, has celebrated the recycling of two billion lamps across Europe. During the celebratory online event, which brought together representatives of the main companies and institutions dedicated... Read more
EU Digital Services Act
This week saw Ourania Georgoutsakou LightingEurope’s Secretary General moderate a panel discussion on the proposed EU Digital Services Act #DSA. Members of the European Commission, Members of European Parliament, the Consumers association and the toy industry representatives were in attendance. “The proposed Digital Services Act published by the European... Read more
Digital Services Act Latest
The Digital Services Act acknowledges gap in the online product supply chain The Digital Services Act is a unique opportunity to upgrade our EU rules for eCommerce and make them fit for today’s market reality. The current legal framework does not ensure that always within the online product supply... Read more
Changes To Lighting Ecodesign And energy Labelling Regulations Voted By EU Members
Last week national authorities voted on changes to various requirements in the eco design and energy labelling regulations for light sources.  LightingEurope has actively contributed to this revision process and is now evaluating the results with its members’ expert group.  The official publication of the updated regulations is expected... Read more
EU Green Deal Impact On The Lighting Industry
Ourania Georgoutsakou talks to LpS Digital about the EU Green Deal and how it will impact the lighting industry.  The value of lighting in Europe is estimated to be in excess of 20 EUR billion annual turnover, generating 100,000 jobs.  Will Europe be the worlds first climate neutral continent... Read more
New Zhaga Hub Launched
Watch Dee Denteneer explain the new Zhaga Hub whose mission is to standardise interfaces of components of LED luminaires.  Zhaga has a series of specifications, known as Books. Each Book defines the interface of one or more components of an LED luminaire. Such components include LED light engines, LED... Read more
Healthy Buildings Publication From European Working Group
Lighting Europe has teamed up with 7 other organisations to call for Indoor Environmental Quality. Addressing the potential of lighting, heating/cooling, ventilation, building automation and engineering technologies to deliver better buildings for people, read the joint recommendations on how the EU Renovation Wave initiative can deliver. IEQ Gathering Manifesto... Read more
Time For An EU Renovation Budget?
The homes we live in are by far the world’s biggest asset class, representing worth €150 trillion, or 20 times the amount of gold ever mined. As such, they are too big to fail, says Brook Riley, Head of EU affairs at the Rockwool Group, a world leader in... Read more
ILP Fights For Economic Policy Reform In UK Government
Today sees the House of Lords in the UK debating the economic lessons learned from the Covid 19 pandemic and the measures necessary to repair the UK economy. The Institution of Lighting Professionals has written to each Peer who has applied to participate in Lord Eatwell’s debate, highlighting that... Read more
Global Lighting Association Issues Safety Guidance For UV Disinfection
The Global Lighting Association has issued a Position Statement containing guidelines for the safe use of UV-C devices. Germicidal ultraviolet irradiation is a proven methodology for inactivating viruses on solid surfaces, in water and in air. As such it is expected to be a useful tool in the fight... Read more
Circular Economy Thinking
The European Commission advocates a new Circular Economy Action Plan – one of the main building blocks of the European Green Deal, Europe’s new agenda for sustainable growth. With measures along the entire life cycle of products, the new Action Plan aims to make the economy fit for a green future,... Read more
Global Lighting Association Elects New Exec Committee
The Global Lighting Association elects new Executive Committee, foreshadowing active advocacy programmes. The Global Lighting Association (GLA) met earlier this month in Tokyo and elected an inaugural Executive Committee in anticipation of its incorporation as a non-profit association in Switzerland.  Completion of the incorporation process is expected early in... Read more
Consortium Update: MD-SIG Integrates Into The Zhaga Consortium
Zhaga and MD-SIG have announced that they have agreed to align their efforts and to proceed as a single organisation under the Zhaga Consortium.  Zhaga members have access to the former MD-SIG specifications as part of their Zhaga membership. The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) is a global... Read more
The Single Market Requires Better Enforcement Of EU Rules
Whilst great progress has been made over the past decades to complete the European Single Market, an ever-increasing number of non-compliant products, including lighting products, remain easily accessible to end-users. The lighting industry is coping with many rules. The European Commission has published its new requirements on Eco-design and... Read more
Ecodesign And Energy Labelling Guidelines Published
The European Commission has published Regulation (EU) 2019/2020 on ecodesign requirements for lighting and Regulation (EU) 2019/2015 on energy labelling for lighting which will apply in all EU Member States from September 2021. LightingEurope has prepared guidelines to help companies comply. The two regulations published in the Official Journal... Read more
EU Aims For Better Regulation
October saw LightingEurope call upon EU institutions to pursue their Better Regulation Agenda Brussels.  Commissioner-designates presented their vision and objectives for their portfolios to the members of the European Parliament.  LightingEurope were in attendance following the debates with great interest.  Their role is to engage with this legislature to... Read more
EU Circular Economy Policies are Impacting Lighting Product Design and Business Models
By Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General, LightingEurope. The EU is driving change to achieve its vision for a Circular Economy through a combination of strategies and regulations that address a product’s entire life cycle. New requirements are emerging addressing such diverse issues as the quality and variety of the plastics... Read more
Key Principles for the Ecodesign Framework to Continue to Deliver Substantial Energy Savings
Key Principles for the Ecodesign Framework to Continue to Deliver Substantial Energy Savings The European Parliament has adopted its own-initiative report on the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive, while the European Commission is now more than halfway through the 2016-2019 Ecodesign Work Plan.6 Industry Associations, representing the heating, cooling,... Read more