An Integrated Ecosystem of Intelligent Solutions that Enhances People’s Wellbeing Through Light An Integrated Ecosystem of Intelligent Solutions that Enhances People’s Wellbeing Through Light
An Integrated Ecosystem of Intelligent Solutions that Enhances People’s Wellbeing Through Light Frankfurt, 18th March 2018 – Welcome to the Ideal City. At L... An Integrated Ecosystem of Intelligent Solutions that Enhances People’s Wellbeing Through Light

An Integrated Ecosystem of Intelligent Solutions that Enhances People’s Wellbeing Through Light

Frankfurt, 18th March 2018 – Welcome to the Ideal City. At L + B, iGuzzini invites the lighting community to redesign the ideal city as the place where people are at the centre of everything, thanks to connections interwoven by the  Intelligence of light. The stand is an integrated ecosystem made up of intelligent solutions and products that mark new breakthroughs on the pathway to innovation, while opening the way to digital transformation in the world of lighting.  The Light Experience, the place where viewers can touch the perfection of iGuzzini’s light, has been transformed to become an even more exciting and inspirational tool for lighting design. The Light Experience as a virtual 3D experience will be unveiled to the public for the very first time in Frankfurt, revolutionizing the way we interact with luminaires and lighting effects. Following on from L + B 2016, the high relief of the Ideal City remains the identity element of the stand, as it recalls iGuzzini’s vision:  improving people’s lives through light.

The Intelligence of Light

On the iGuzzini stand, light goes beyond itself and becomes the ideal ecosystem for new services linked to connectivity, such as push notifications, indoor positioning, and space management. BLE, Li-Fi, sensors, beacons, cloud and analytics are all elements that make up the Intelligence of Light. The stand is a connected space, where the refreshment areas, the restaurant, the high relief of the Ideal City and the 12 product tables interact with visitors through iGuzzini Apps (iG Apps) that send push notifications in order to provide information about using the open bar, the menu of the day, the artistic relief and the product details. The indoor navigation App guides visitors around the product tables, through beacon-managed BLE technology.

A  themed-room dedicated to the Intelligence of Light is where guests will be able to deepen their knowledge on BLE, Li-Fi, beaconing, iG Apps-managed services and technologies, as well as projects featuring intelligent light. This is how we dive into the first lighting project in the world to apply  Internet of Things to cultural heritage: Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, in Padua. The iG BLE Light Management System, the push notifications, the indoor positioning and the space management services – will be presented within this space.

For iGuzzini, Intelligence of Light also means the capability to design increasingly  miniaturised solutions,  while maximising their performance. The IoL room is a unique opportunity to appreciate the smallest details of the miniaturised iGuzzini solutions for indoor and outdoor illumination: Laser Blade XS, Palco LV, Walky, Light-up Orbit, Light-up Orbit WW, Palco InOut, Laser, Palco LV Framer and the Intelligent Track.

The Blade Room

The theme of miniaturisation takes us to the Blade Room, the room dedicated to Laser Blade XS, aka “The Blade”. A masterpiece of precision and integration with architecture, The Blade renews the challenge brought about by Laser Blade – the revolutionary collection that has been inspiring the lighting industry for years ¬– raising the bar of miniaturisation to surprising new levels. During its first year of life, The Blade became an icon of indoor and outdoor lighting, being able to meet design requirements for various application areas: retail application areas, hospitality & living, museums, and workplaces. The Blade has also been collecting awards from all over the world: LDA, Lux Awards, ADI Design Index, and Light Middle East Awards, are just a few examples. The entire XS family is showcased in the Blade Room, featuring expansion of the product range, including the Laser Blade XS LV for 48V intelligent track and Laser Blade XS suspended, winner of the Design Plus Award at L + B 2018.

The Light Experience

The Light Experience, the space where the perfection of iGuzzini’s light can be observed in the midst of perfect darkness, returns to Light + Building with an even more engaging and immersive show intended to inspire lighting designers. The 100-sq m area, developed in collaboration with the lighting designer Maurici Gines, offers a high-tech experience enriched by an exciting multisensory show of musical notes, sounds, and lighting effects (Graphic; Invisible; Vertical; Shape; Human; Color; Guide; Light Show). One of the most visited places at Light + Building is is constantly renewed to offer fresh inspiration to the lighting community.

The Light Experience goes digital. iGuzzini has created a completely new tool meant to inspire lighting designers at Light+Building and beyond: the Light Experience in 3D – a tool that allows to interactively discover and experiment with luminaires and their lighting effects. Through an incredible Guided Experience and an Interactive 3D Experience, accessible via Virtual Reality, App and desktop, it is possible to easily identify the best design solutions anywhere, anytime. In the studio, on-site or directly from your living room, there are no limits in terms of accessing the both technical and emotional light experience set in 7 different rooms dedicated to various types of effects/applications: Graphic; Invisible; Vertical; Shaped; Human; Colourful; Guiding


From effect to form: iGuzzini reserves the central area of the stand to 12 display systems each dedicated to a product line characterized by a core singularity. A unique opportunity to appreciate the perfection, attention to detail and design characteristic to the iGuzzini products. Specifically: Palco LV; Palco; Palco InOut; View; iN 30-60-90; Underscore InOut; Laser; Laser Blade Square; Laser Blade InOut; Linealuce; Light Up; Walky. A separate space is dedicated to the Lander, a new bollard designed by RPBW for iGuzzini.

Design Plus L+B Award

L + B starts with two awards for iGuzzini: Laser Blade XS Suspended and Walky won the Design Plus L + B Award, a competition promoted by the German Design Council, for being “products characterised by future applicability, innovative design and high energy efficiency “. The award ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, 18th March at 2:00 pm in Hall 1.2, stand A51, where the two iGuzzini products will remain on display for the entire duration of the fair.

Launch of Lighthinking

L + B is the perfect opportunity to launch the first issue of Lighthinking, iGuzzini’s magazine, legacy of Incontroluce. Lighthinking is open to the whole lighting community, articulating the culture of light through history, art, architecture, lighting design projects, advanced research, human sciences, powered by the energy of a constantly evolving network. More than illustrating the work of architects and lighting designers in sectors ranging from infrastructure to cultural heritage, from urban spaces to hospitality and living, this first issue of Lighthinking has a particular focus on retail and international brand philosophy, and introduces an important new approach – the strong openness to editorial contributions from authors with whom we want to deepen certain theoretical aspects, applications and trends related to design.

Configuring Light Publication

The ideal city is free of decay, and rich in places dedicated to sharing and interaction, created by light. iGuzzini brings to L + B the first scientific publication in the world – dedicated to those who design light – where lighting design is not only a set of technical data (lighting levels, compliance with standards, etc.), but it incorporates social science methodologies. During the three-year research project that the publication by Configuring Light, Staging The Social is based on, iGuzzini partner with the London School of Economics and the Social Light Movement, in a series of workshops that involved hundreds of future lighting designers in the creation of social redevelopment lighting projects in the suburbs of London, Muscat, Brisbane, Timişoara, Rome and Paris. A concrete demonstration of what Lighting Innovation for People means for iGuzzini.

Double Dynamic Lighting

Similarly to the partnership with Configuring Light, iGuzzini will participate in the Double Dynamic Lighting project, curated by the Aalborg University of Copenhagen, and supported by Tridonic, iGuzzini, Fagerhult and Zumtobel. Project objective: improving people’s lives through dynamic lighting (variation of colour temperature and intensity) starting from a scientific study and a holistic approach to the interaction between natural and artificial light. The project, officially launched at L + B 2018 and expected to be completed by 2020, uses the workplace as a pilot area.

About iGuzzini

Established in 1959, iGuzzini Illuminazione is a leading international group that operates in the architectural lighting sector with approximately 1,500 employees. The company is dedicated to researching, designing and producing indoor and outdoor lighting systems in collaboration with the best lighting designers, architects, planners and research centres around the world. Based in Recanati, in the Marches region of Italy, iGuzzini is active in over 20 countries spread across 5 continents. The company’s main focus is to use light in cultural, work, retail, urban, infrastructure and hospitality & living contexts to improve the relationship between humans and the environment through its research, manufacturing, technology and knowhow. In 2016, the company’s consolidated revenue reached € 231.5 million, recording a 26% increase over the last 4 years.

For more information please visit the iGuzzini website:

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