New Lines Of Light For The Lanes Of Elmshorn New Lines Of Light For The Lanes Of Elmshorn
Green to the park, blue to the river The town of Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany has added special highlights to its pedestrian zone with... New Lines Of Light For The Lanes Of Elmshorn

Green to the park, blue to the river

The town of Elmshorn in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany has added special highlights to its pedestrian zone with blue and green lines of light. The existing system has been retrofitted with WE-EF inground luminaires that offer the option of adding even more colour to the city centre.  Smart decisions are already visible in Elmshorn town centre, a vibrant place, with the public sector as well as initiatives by businesses and residents committed to further improving it. The measures cover a wide spectrum, and range from investments in buildings and infrastructure to a varied programme of events, including spectacular Christmas lighting and greenery.

The idea of adding striking lighting accents in the pedestrian zone and adjacent lanes with inground luminaires dates back to 2003. The aim was to assist pedestrians with orientation and at the same time to strengthen the identity of the town with a striking visual detail. An original design feature was implemented for the lanes, which are called “Gänge” (corridors) in the north of the country: all routes from the central Königsstraße towards the town hall and the park in front of it shine green, while the lanes in the direction of the Krückau River are marked with blue light.

Upgrade strategy instead of replacement

After a good 15 years in operation, the prior system was showing signs of ageing and failures, which was why the city decided to replace it. The project was realised in 2019 by the Elmshorn municipal utilities. They chose a luminaire from WE-EF not only to repair the lighting, but also to upgrade it both technically and in terms of design.

Linear ETV130 inground luminaires have been used. They are fitted with RGBW LEDs and have an interface with the DMX lighting control protocol. This enables them to not only produce green and blue light, but also white light of all colour temperatures, from warm white to cold white and an almost unlimited range of coloured light. There is also the option of colour changing or dynamic progression. In everyday operation, Elmshorn uses blue and green; however, for town festivals interest has been expressed in the town’s signature colour, magenta, or a warm glow for the Christmas season.

New electric installations

A total of five lanes feature lines of light shining over a total length of around 75 metres, but in the form of a row of individual luminaires rather than as a continuous strip of light. In the course of the conversion work, the electrical installations were also replaced and power cables and a control line were laid. The light lines are now fed via the same mains supply as the street and area luminaires, and they switch on together every evening. There is one power distributor per lane, which houses the DMX controller for light control. The light colour for each luminaire group can be set here or lighting scenarios can be activated.

There for the long term

ETV130 luminaires from WE-EF were used in this project because they were very similar to the previous luminaires in terms of design and dimensions, and enabled simple replacement. The decisive factor, however, was the long service life and robust design of the ETV130. With a protection rating IP67, impact resistance in accordance with IK08, an anodised aluminium housing, a cover made of safety glass, the special WE-EF controlled compression gasket silicone seal and 5CE superior corrosion protection, the luminaires are extremely durable, even with heavy use.

In terms of lighting technology, the ETV130 in the lanes of Elmshorn effortlessly meet all requirements. They produce a glare-free, linear symmetric medium beam distribution. The nominal luminous flux of 4,320 lumens generated by the luminaires, with a connected load of 33 watts, is dimmed to 30% in normal operation. Elmshorn therefore not only benefits from the sustainable investment in high-quality luminaires, but also from considerable energy savings compared to the previous solution that had a connected load of 48 watts.

About WE-EF

Ever since the company was founded by Wolfgang Fritzsche in 1950 the WE-EF brand has stood for high-quality exterior luminaires with an independent design and innovative technology. Today, as part of the international Fagerhult Group, WE-EF still has the typical characteristics of a family-owned business – creativity, short communication channels, flexibility and a focus on solutions. This results in a product range with highly functional luminaires in a timeless design for illuminating urban spaces and architecture.

Lighting solutions from WE-EF offer uncompromising performance and efficiency thanks to LED modules and optical systems that are developed in-house. High-quality materials, intelligent design and exclusive processes ensure a long service life and reliable operation of the luminaires. German engineering combines with the experience and the cultural horizon of a globally operating company. WE-EF is committed to responsible resource management in all areas – from the life cycle assessment of the individual products to the sustainability of all processes.

WE-EF luminaires illuminate prestigious projects around the world. Examples are the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) in Riyadh, The Jewel at Changi Airport in Singapore, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center Plaza in New York, the Forum des Halles in Paris, the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp and the new Bloomberg European Headquarters in London.

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