Spotlight with Semi-Spherical Joint | ERCO’s Oseris

Design: ERCO
Trends: Compact, versatile spotlight with characteristic semi-sperical joint.
> Ideal for duct mounting. The compact design and central pivot point predestine some luminaires for installation in ceiling channels.
> Oval flood can be freely rotated. The Spherolit lens oval flood in round luminaire heads can be rotated freely for optimum adjustment of the lighting on different objects.
> Small luminaire dimensions. Small luminaires appear unobtrusive and direct the focus onto the light. Compact luminaire dimensions are convenient particularly in small spaces.
Sources: ERCO

1: Spherolit lens, 2: LED module, 3: Housing and bracket, 4: Control gear, 5: Transadapter or DALI transadapter

Shoplight application



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