LUXI Entries Extended LUXI Entries Extended
Application deadline for “LUXI – the LIGHT Prize” has been extended. Entries up until 1 July 2022 will be accepted, interested parties still have... LUXI Entries Extended

Application deadline for “LUXI – the LIGHT Prize” has been extended. Entries up until 1 July 2022 will be accepted, interested parties still have the opportunity to register informally for participation in the LUXI by e-mail and then submit their work by 29 August 2022. In its eighth round, the interdisciplinary competition will once again award prizes for innovative student projects, sustainable luminaire design and creative young entrepreneurs.

LUXI serves as a springboard into the industry, especially for young talent. For example, some of the students who have participated in the competition in recent years are now successfully employed by luminaire manufacturers or work as independent planners. “As a member of the jury for many years, I am always surprised by the inspiring and high-quality entries submitted by the students,” also emphasises Clemens Tropp, lighting planner and Managing Director of Tropp Lighting Design, and continues: “For aspiring lighting planners or product designers, this competition is a unique opportunity to also come into contact with potential manufacturers, planning offices and companies.”

As an architect and urban planner, Katja Strohhäker, who like Clemens Tropp has also been a member of the LUXI jury for several years, assesses the submitted entries on the subject of light from a different perspective than a lighting planner or designer. “However, it is precisely this mixture in the jury that complements each other well,” says the Senior Building Director of the City of Munich’s Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations. “I am particularly inspired by the student projects that deal with the environment, people and space, whether artistic or functional. And every time I am surprised anew how professionally some students think, develop and implement their luminaires or lighting concepts,” says Strohhäker.

It’s the mixture that makes the difference – this not only applies to the LUXI jury, which once again includes Munich product designer Florian Freihöfer, Managing Director of Pflaum Verlag Agnes Hey and LICHT Editor-in-Chief Emre Onur. This also applies to this year’s LICHTWOCHE Munich, whose programme the organisers are currently working hard on. From 4 to 11 November 2022, there will once again be numerous and varied events on the subject of light – including workshops, lectures, guided tours and light art events – which are aimed at both the professional public and a broader public. The programme includes, for example, exhibitions from ancient artificial light to modern times, theatre-light performances, expert lectures on the upcoming ban on fluorescent lamps, guided tours of current lighting projects such as the newly designed Rundfunkplatz, light art projections and much more. The grand finale of the LICHTWOCHE München will be the festive award ceremony of the LUXI on 11 November 2022.

The LICHTWOCHE Munich and “LUXI – the LIGHT Award” receive sponsorship support from the manufacturers NICHIA and TRILUX, LEDVANCE and the PROLED GROUP, from BARTHELME, NORKA, WE-EF and WIBRE. The charity partner is the non-profit Munich-based association HORIZONT e. V., which supports homeless mothers and their children

Further information on the LICHTWOCHE Munich and registration forms for the LUXI:

About the LICHTWOCHE Munich

LICHTWOCHE München was launched in the UNESCO Year of Light 2015 and has since become firmly established in Munich’s event calendar. The aim of the organisers, the Munich-based publishing house Pflaum Verlag and its trade journal LICHT, is to provide information about the many facets of light and to raise awareness of its potential and importance. The event is aimed at both professionals and the general public and includes numerous programme items. Project visits and guided tours, lectures, workshops and light performances are among the fixed components, as is the “LUXI – the LIGHT Award” competition for young talent, which honours particularly innovative products, projects and concepts by students and start-ups.

Photo Credit: Thomas Mahnecke, Digital Media Artist

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