Luminii Acquires London-based Precision Lighting Luminii Acquires London-based Precision Lighting
Luminii Expands Global Presence While Bringing New Product Innovation to its Growing Roster of Architectural Lighting Solutions These two acquisitions bolster Luminii’s focus on... Luminii Acquires London-based Precision Lighting

Luminii Expands Global Presence While Bringing New Product Innovation to its Growing Roster of Architectural Lighting Solutions

These two acquisitions bolster Luminii’s focus on product miniaturization and modularization, in addition to creating a new category of highly customizable remote-control lighting

Luminii, a Chicago-based manufacturer of industry-leading specification-grade architectural LED lighting systems, today announced the acquisition of two British lighting manufacturers Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL). Precision Lighting and RCL are sister companies under common ownership and management that produce individually unique product lines. Bringing both brands into the Luminii fold allows the collective companies to broaden their global reach into new territories while enabling Luminii to further innovate by engineering new LED lighting technologies and products that service commercial and residential markets.

“The mutual benefits of this dual acquisition are far-reaching. With the addition of Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting, we are well-positioned to immediately expand our product offerings across geographies, including the U.S., where we are already well-established,” said Jeff Parker, CEO of Luminii and lighting industry visionary. “The company is concentrating heavily on engineering efforts in the miniaturization space, as evident from our STENOS launch earlier this year. With Precision Lighting’s micro-lighting products and systems, we can now offer a broader range of micro-LED solutions to our customers while also expanding opportunities globally to introduce Luminii’s flagship products in major hubs including London, Europe, and the Far East. RCL also brings an entirely new category of remote-control lighting solutions, opening doors to be specified into applications we historically were previously unable to support.”

Precision Lighting and RCL, both under the leadership of the companies’ Managing Director Alex Ruston, also add new opportunities to Luminii’s client base with a customer portfolio including notables such as the Natural History Museum (London), V&A Museum (London), Museum of Liverpool (Liverpool), Hard Rock Café (Florence, Italy), Ugg® (London), Daniel Crouch Rare Books (London and New York City), Christie’s Auction House (London), Dubai Opera House (Dubai), Louis Vuitton (Tokyo), Mercedes-Benz Showroom (Berlin, Germany), and a host of one-of-a-kind projects in world-renowned locations.

“We are delighted and can’t imagine a better partner to accelerate our growth worldwide,” Ruston said. “Luminii’s track record and complimentary product strategy felt naturally aligned to ours, making this an easy decision for our team. With our distinctive product innovation in the micro-LED and remote lighting category, and Luminii’s linear expertise, we feel we have an amazing opportunity to multiply our joint innovation in the lighting space. The U.S. has been a vastly untapped market for both Precision Lighting and RCL. This strategic company advancement with Luminii helps us further diversify our customer base, expedites our product visibility in the U.S., and gives us the momentum we need to bring our world-class products to new markets.”

Precision Lighting

Founded in 2000 by Alex Ruston’s father, Joe Ruston, Precision Lighting’s engineering focus is the fusion of superior optical design and ultra-modern aesthetics, making the company’s lighting products best-in-class while delivering highly efficient, beautifully crafted luminaires. Precision Lighting carefully selects its LEDs offering industry-leading color rendering and beam quality as well as highly flexible product features like interchangeable beam angles and distribution options. Precision Lighting features an in-house research and development team committed to manufacturing and developing lighting products that deliver on specifier requirements, with a reputation for excellent customer service that includes collaborating with customers to develop bespoke lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL)

Founded in 2001 by Alex Ruston’s father, Joe Ruston, RCL is a pioneer and world leader in the design and supply of remote controlled motorized luminaires for the architectural lighting market. RCL has an established track record of designing and supplying architectural-grade lighting solutions where highly efficient user configurations are key to creating flexible use spaces. RCL lighting solutions feature a proprietary iOS mobile app enabling movement and dimming control, scene setting, and recall while RCL lighting products feature high-quality beam control and near-silent motorized movement, offering a high degree of customization for lighting designers to create one-of-a-kind lighting experiences.

Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting will remain fully operational and will assume business as usual after the close. The teams will remain focused on servicing existing projects and customers. As operations evolve and grow among Luminii’s portfolio of acquired brands, both brands will increasingly integrate operations to enhance engineering and sales efforts across all product portfolios and regions. For Precision Lighting, RCL, and all other Luminii brands, customers may contact regional sales managers with any questions about the acquisition, pricing, and product availability.

This is Luminii’s fourth and fifth strategic acquisition in the last two years. The transaction with London-based Precision Lighting and RCL Lighting underscores Luminii’s determination to tap into new markets while reinforcing the company’s strategy to advance its global manufacturing and product capabilities as part of the company’s expansion strategy. Luminii acquired California-based Optic Arts and Canada-based Senso in 2019, and Tennessee-based iLight Technologies in early 2020.


Luminii is an industry-leading, specification-grade LED lighting manufacturer on a mission to enhance architecture delivering high-performance products in a simply brilliant way. We bring unique visions to life through highly modifiable solutions driven by innovation and delivered with simple processes from specification through installation. Whether you are an architect, designer, or contractor, we are committed to delivering premium lighting products and an experience that is efficient, positive, and memorable.


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