ERCO Delivers New Spotlight Range Eclipse ERCO Delivers New Spotlight Range Eclipse
The new Eclipse spotlight range from ERCO would have been showcased at Light + Building in March.  ERCO specialise in lighting technology for: prestigious... ERCO Delivers New Spotlight Range Eclipse

The new Eclipse spotlight range from ERCO would have been showcased at Light + Building in March.  ERCO specialise in lighting technology for: prestigious museums, art galleries and exclusive retail projects. Clients have come to expect individual lighting solutions that simultaneously offer perfect quality in terms of design and lighting technology.  A requirement that ERCO meets 28,000 times with the Eclipse range – the new spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers not only impress with innovative technical details but also with unprecedented system scope. Never before has ERCO had a range of spotlights with so many sizes, optics, light colours and connectivity options – as well as such a wide range of accessories that further increases possibilities.

But what must a lighting system look like that emphasises precious objects in display cases as brilliantly as it uniformly floods the walls of art galleries or highlights large sculptures in atria? Definitely unlike anything else before, thought the ERCO developers and designers. The original appearance of Eclipse is characterised by its new type of optics. A bayonet connects these interchangeable lens units with the slender, cylindrical luminaire bodies made of cast aluminium.


Apart from a few interesting exceptions to be discussed below, the optics create their specific light distribution by means of special Darklight lenses from only one light point. Due to the clear, highly non-reflective lenses, the beam path is virtually invisible and the light emission is free of spill light – for a magical appearance and superior visual comfort.

Consistent and scalable

The dimensions of the Eclipse system score points even without the element of magic: five sizes from XS to XL provide an enormous range of lumen packages for applications of any scale. The most compact Eclipse spotlights with a diameter of only 32mm fully exploit the miniaturisation potential of modern LED technology. They enable highly nuanced lighting concepts even under tight space conditions, especially with the variant for Minirail 48V track. In any size, the interchangeable lens units ensure that the light distribution is precisely and flexibly matched to the lighting task at hand.

The complete toolbox

The complete gamut of characteristics from the ERCO luminaire system are available to lighting designers. High-precision Darklight lenses define the rotationally symmetric light distributions ranging from narrow spot (5°) to extra wide flood (80°). There is also a range of ERCO speciality features: two axially symmetric light distributions consisting of oval flood (18° x 65°) and oval wide flood (55° x 85°), the wallwash asymmetric light distribution for uniform vertical illumination, the contour spotlight for crisp-edged projections onto surfaces and the two compact zoom optics of zoom spot (17° – 67°) and zoom oval (25° x 65° to 62° x 68°). In short, an entire toolbox with which all conceivable situations can be mastered, for example, in museum lighting – with accessories such as sculpture lenses and soft focus lenses enabling further fine-tuning.


Perfectly matched LED spectra

The same principle – a modular design with accessories – also makes the system extremely versatile and flexible in terms of light colours. Eclipse comes with LEDs in six light spectra with colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K and colour rendering indices from Ra 82 to Ra 97. Four conversion filters as accessories create 24 additional spectra for colour fine-tuning. Alternatively, tunable white and RGBW are also available, especially for dynamic scenes. In the case of Eclipse, ERCO offers various conventional and wireless connectivity solutions to control such functions and for infinitely variable dimming down to 0.1% – in an even larger selection than usual.

Connectivity – from Bluetooth to Zigbee

Most options are available for the Eclipse InTrack luminaire model with its ultra-slim, flush-rail adapters for the ERCO track. The options for wireless control via Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee 3.0 are especially noteworthy here – but also the new Multi Dim control gear which is extremely flexible with DALI, Push Dim or phase dimming. Eclipse (sizes XS to M) is also available with the proven ERCO transadapter specifically as an upgrade for existing track installations. Eclipse 48V for Minirail can be controlled wirelessly via Casambi Bluetooth, Zigbee 3.0 and DALI via Casambi Gateway. The options “switchable” and “on-board Dim” with rotary control on the luminaire are available in all versions.

A future-oriented high end system

The technical details outlined above make it clear: with its Eclipse range, ERCO breaks new ground in many areas and thus reinforces its claim to leadership in the lighting industry for museums, exclusive shops and comparable applications that demand high-end lighting tools. To solve demanding lighting tasks, Eclipse is set to become the premier choice for all lighting designers and users in the future.


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