Circadian-Friendly Lamp
Circadian-friendly lighting Design: Soraa (USA) Trends: Blue-free bulbs that is significantly less disruptive to human’s circadian system compared to standard LED sources. Features: GaN-on-GaN LEDs with violet emitting light and three phosphors (blue, green and red). The smart SNAP expansion port allows addition of the latest sensors and smarts (e.g.... Read more
Luminary with Dynamic Beam Distribution without any Moving Parts
Luminary with Dynamic Beam Distribution without any Moving Parts Design: Tapio Rosenius (ES) Trends: Dynamic beam distribution from 8-60 degrees without moving parts Features: Smart controlled system Picture: Artemide Light over Time (LoT) is a series of lighting tools allowing design professionals to reimagine, reveal, reinterpret and to... Read more
Color Tuneable Luminaire for Direct and Indirect Illumination with Smart Controlled Technologies
Luke Roberts Design: Luke & Robert (AT) Trends: The first smart luminaire where you can move the light in any direction with app and sensor control Features: Connected with SmartControls (e.g. SmartPhones) Picture: LpS 2016 in Bregenz Read more
Color Effects with Filter Foils
No Name Design/Artist: Teodora Pavlovska (Germany) Trends: A luminary with colored film materials for decorative lighting Features: Flexible mounting system Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz       Teodora Pavlosvska Read more
Automotive Lighting with Laser
BMW i8 Laser Headlights Design: BMW (Germany) Trends: BMW i8 is the first production car in the world that was shipped with laser light headlights Features: The laser lights ensures a high beam range of up to 600 meters. The energy efficiency could be increased by 30% compared to highly... Read more
World Largest Flexible OLED Panel
World Largest Flexible OLEDs Design: LG Chem (Korea) Trends: OLED light panel Features: 406x50mm size, 0,41mm thickness, 20,000 hours lifetime and with a light uniformity of 70% Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz Read more
IoT Lighting System with a Cloud-Based Platform
IoT Lighting System with Cloud Platform Design: Gooee (USA) Trends: IoT lighting ecosystem features sensing, control & communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform Features: The ‘full-stack’ ecosystem provides lighting manufacturers with a service-driven, scalable framework that delivers commercial, retail, hospitality & industrial applications to customers Sources: Gooee... Read more