Drivers For Change
Last week saw an online event organised by the Age of Light Innovations Group.  The full webinar is available to all, hosted by Dr Shelley James and chaired by John Bullock along with an esteemed panel of industry stalwarts. Graham Edgell  ( Director of Sustainability and Procurement, Morgan Sindall)... Read more
Celebrate Light In Amsterdam
The tenth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival runs from 2nd December to 23rd January 2022. Sailing or walking along the canals you can enjoy more than twenty masterpieces celebrating light, favorites and the most inspiring and popular light art from the past nine editions. The Amsterdam Light Festival... Read more
Norwegian Lighting Prize 2021!
The Norwegian Lighting Prize is the most generous honorary award for lighting design and lighting products in Norway, and has since 2001 been awarded annually under the auspices of the non-profit organization Lyskultur. The winners of the Norwegian Lighting Prize 2021 were chosen during the Day of Light on... Read more
The Big December Light Club Event
Light Club on Clubhouse has been lighting up the lockdowns and creating a space for the lighting community every Wednesday for 33 weeks. A Christmas special sees Martin Lupton, Sharon Stammers and Katia Kolovea celebrating the key moments and amazing discussions from 2021, highlights from previous discussions, and unveil... Read more
November saw 30 separate events held over one week with 600 participants. The concept for holding this year’s LICHTWOCHE Munich under pandemic conditions with smaller events ran smoothly.  After a week of beautiful light moments, the award ceremony of the “LUXI – the LIGHT Award” on November 12, 2021... Read more
LpS 2021 Registration Open
This year’s LpS DIGITAL Live event will take place on December 2, 2021. The LpS event is continuing the tradition of high-level panel discussions. The panelists are top representatives of component and luminaire/system manufacturers, architecture/light planning organizations, and representatives from research & education. The conversation with the core topic... Read more
Connected Security Focus At Light + Building 2022
Frankfurt am Main, November 16, 2021. Security is a need whose importance in society is continuously increasing. Whether digital threats, extreme weather conditions or health risks – one crisis is followed by another. Accordingly, the demand for security technology equipment and systems for homes and buildings is increasing. As... Read more
Designing Sustainable Luminaires
Manufacturers of electrical equipment are increasingly being required to design products for reuse, upgradability, and recyclability. This webinar on the October 28th will explore how luminaire producers can adapt their designs to encourage products to be reused at the end of first life, or at least to be more... Read more
Licht Woche Munich

Licht Woche Munich

EventsTrends October 22, 2021

After a break in attendance last year, this year’s Lightwoche Munich will take place again from 5 to 12 November 2021. With over 25 events and the award ceremony for the #LUXI2021. The  trade journal Licht also presents two lecture events on the topics of New Work and UVC... Read more
LpS Digital Live – Panel Discussion, Award Ceremony, Networking
This year’s LpS DIGITAL Live event will take place on December 2, 2021. The LpS event is continuing the tradition of high-level panel discussions. The panelists are top representatives of component and luminaire/system manufacturers, architecture/light planning organizations, and representatives from research & education. Thursday, 2nd December 2021 2pm –... Read more
Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast
Tune in to episode one on Contrast Ratios with hosts Edward Bartholomew of Bartholomew Lighting and John Arthur Wilson, the founding director of Fernhill Shopworks. This podcast will explore how lighting intersects with society in provocative, awkward, and profound ways.  Aiming to bring greater visibility to the issues within... Read more
Rethink The Night

Rethink The Night

EventsTrends September 23, 2021

The 8th LD Workshop under the headline “Rethink the Night!” is set to take place from 5th to 7th October online and will be a tribute to Light Choreography. Involving a top-ranking scientific experts and professionals, and aspiring Lighting Designers, who will participate in the workshop, will have the... Read more
[d]arc room London
Who is heading to arc room in London over the next couple of days?  Set to be the first catch up with lighting industry friends at the first face-to-face lighting exhibition in a long time.   Recognising London’s profound influence over Architecture and Design specification, arc room pop-up @ Design... Read more
Recolight Save The Date
Back in March 2020 the Recolight webinar series began to encourage lively debate within the lighting industry about implementing circular economy principles. “There is definitely a shift in attitudes happening in the lighting industry, and we’re starting to look seriously at the implications of adopting circular economy principles. Companies... Read more
Nature And Biophilia In Lighting Design
Join a very interesting online discussion between Yah Li Toh, IES Principal of Singapore based Light Collab, Julia Hartmann, Principal of Zurich based Lightsphere GmbH and Matt Waring lighting enthusiast and editor of arc magazine.  The panel of pivotal designers who craft interior spaces that harness the power of... Read more
Earthtime 1.26 Munich
“I’m excited to install Earthtime 1.26 Munich in the historic Odeonsplatz, where past and present intertwine to create a dynamic urban now. My artwork reflects an interconnectedness of opposites – flexibility with strength, earth with sky, things we can control with the forces beyond us. I invite viewers to... Read more
Sustainable Lighting Design Podcast
The Trends in Lighting team love that the Sustainable Lighting Design podcast is celebrating one year since its’ launch. Listen to the fifth episode featuring Naomi Miller, Senior Lighting Research Scientist at the United States Department of Energy- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In the latest episode, the discussion centres... Read more
Light + Building Digital Extension
Lighting + Building announced that in the hybrid events future, it will be possible to meet live in Frankfurt from 13 to 18 March 2022 and digitally, worldwide for a whole week longer.  What does the platform for this look like?  What functions can participants expect and how does... Read more
Zhaga Summit: “Sustainable Lighting for Smart Cities and Buildings”
Sustainability is a major trend in the lighting industry, driven by regulations and requested by customers and society. The Zhaga Consortium is hosting this online event on 29 September, 15:00 – 18:00 CEST with speakers from national authorities, cities, industry association, lighting design and manufacturing. Date/Time/Registration Date/Time: September 29th , 2021 from... Read more
Dark Matter

Dark Matter

EventsTrends June 17, 2021

On June 4, the light art museum DARK MATTER in Berlin opened with an exhibition on 1000 square meters. In the pitch-black rooms of a former factory site, the visitor embarks on a journey through seven multimedia and interactive installations of light, movement and sound. Behind the idea are light... Read more
Berlin – Women In Architecture
WIA Berlin 2021, is set to put the lighting profession in the right light and discuss lighting design in architecture today. “The Path to an Unknown Field” – In this panel discussion, meet two women lighting designers, a freelance journalist, two lighting industry representatives, a professor, a researcher, and... Read more
Smart Lighting Lecture
Smart lighting systems have the potential to close the gap between lighting control and building data analytics. Data – such as space occupancy – that was previously used only to control the lighting itself, is now available for additional services. The agility of wireless smart lighting systems removes previous... Read more
Creative Lighting Masterclass
If you need a break from your projects then look no further than the masterclass.  A creative course designed to help you grow your lighting skills and empower you to create stunning images. Discover new tools and processes and optimise your rendering workflow in V-Ray and Corona. Nikos Nikolopoulos... Read more
Humanity-Centred Lighting – The New Normal?
Join Florence Lam, Global Lighting Design Leader at Arup and winner of the SLL President’s Medal 2021 for a webinar.  Florence Lam will explain her vision for ‘humanity-centred’ lighting and the business case for this integrated approach that reframes the energy / performance equation to create healthy, productive, sustainable... Read more
Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition
RYOJI IKEDA May 20 – August 1 2021 A multi-sensory exploration of light and sound. Fact Magazine and The Vinyl Factory, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Contemporary, present a new RYOJI IKEDA exhibition in 180 Studios. The largest exhibition of the artist’s work ever staged, including numerous world premieres,... Read more
Sustainable Products And Future Eco-Design
Sustainable Products & Future Ecodesign – policy debate organised by LightingEurope, 4 June. Partner event of #EUGreenWeek – discussing practical steps towards delivering Europe’s sustainability vision. The consultation on a new Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI), announced back in March 2020, is still underway. LightingEurope is hosting a debate on how... Read more
The TRIZ@LIGHT workshop series presents the principles of systematic innovation based on the TRIZ method. The principles are applied in small groups specifically tailored to the lighting sector. The impulses are intended to stimulate and initiate new innovation steps in the lighting sector. As a thank you and resource... Read more
Naturally Brilliant Colour
Kew Garden is set to provide some spectacular programmes this summer 2021. Experience colour like never before in an exhibition that celebrates the spectacular shades of the natural world. Experience Pure Structural Colour, the boldest, brightest colour on Earth.  On display for the very first time these stunning, jewel-like... Read more
Green Light Alliance Introduction
The Green Light Alliance (GLA) is a community of like-minded individuals, businesses, and institutions within the lighting profession, sharing a common vision, to light up the world without depleting its resources. The GLA’s platform provides a place to empower everyone in the lighting sector, enabling an enriched pool of... Read more
Recommendations For Melanopic Lighting Design
The second International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysical Photometry in 2019 brought together experts in the fields of lighting, neurophysical photometry and sleep and circadian research. The primary focus was to develop expert-consensus recommendations for healthy daytime and evening/night-time light environment. This workshop resulted in the the publication of,... Read more
Lighting Event Schedule Clash
Light + Building 2022 and LEDucation NYC 2022 are set to take place at the same time.  Light + Building is planned for 13-18 March 2022 and promises to cover, “Intelligent. Future-proof. Trend-predicting”  themes, linked by the subjects of dynamic digitalisation and sustainability. LEDucation is planning to go ahead... Read more
UK And EU Divergence Signals Appear Already
Under forthcoming EU and UK legislation, lighting manufacturers will have to incorporate replaceable light sources and control gear in their products. But how will this work in practice? Where’s the incentive to use standard connectors? Who decides what a ‘commonly available tool’ is? Who decides what a ‘qualified person’... Read more
Sustainable Lighting Design Podcast
In the latest episode of the podcast on Sustainable Lighting Design, Sebastian Knoche, leader of the TRILUX lighting research team and an active member of the European Repro-Light research project, discusses the topic of circularity in lighting design and the possible strategies available to minimise the environmental impact of... Read more
How To Be Brilliant – Liz West
The lighting community can register to attend Liz West’s event as the ILP How To Brilliant series continues. How To Be Brilliant, is the lighting industry’s only event series designed to attract students, interns, apprentices, and new entrants to the lighting profession. Known for creating immersive environments that mix... Read more
Talk Lighting On Clubhouse
Clubhouse has everyone curious, the invitation-only audio-chat iPhone app is the latest social media trend.  The the platform allows discussion in “rooms” across the globe for anyone to join. The Light Club meet each Wednesday at 14:30 GMT.  This week (31st March) sees Katia Kolovea and Martin Lupton meeting... Read more
Legislation Webinar
Luminaire design is set to undergo a major upheaval in 2021 due to key legislation including the Eco Design regulations and the Environment Bill. The rules look set to fundamentally change the way we design and manufacture light fittings. Recolight are hosting a webinar to provide a useful update... Read more
Light Symposium Wismar
The 7th International Light Symposium on the Future of Daylight and Artificial Lighting in Healthy Built Environments has been announced. Light Symposium Wismar 2020/21 is a three-day online forum that will bring together the latest insights into the future of daylight and artificial lighting in healthy built environments with... Read more
Women In Lighting Announce Global Gathering
Women in Lighting announced their Global Gathering event will be an online event to celebrate International Women’s Day, the 2nd anniversary of the Women In Lighting (WIL) Project and to connect the growing network and community together. Everyone is welcome to participate.  The event features a selection of sessions... Read more
Lighting Design Students:  How To Be Brilliant
In collaboration with Bega the ILP launches “How To Be Brilliant” once more.  For lighting students, interns, apprentices and new entrants to the lighting industry looking to engage with inspiring experts who will talk about lighting in a way formal education doesn’t always cover. Successful senior lighting designers agree... Read more
Themes Of Light + Building 2022
Yesterday experimental, today a practical everyday application: the growing pace of digitalisation is generating chances, new opportunities and challenges. Innovative ideas are welcome and there is a great willingness to try something new. Nevertheless, the increasing use of digital communication solutions is leading to a greater appreciation of tried and tested products.... Read more