IKEA’S TRÅDFRI – Smart Lighting Platform
IKEA’S TRÅDFRI – Smart Lighting Platform Design: IKEA Trends: Trådfri is designed to be plug-and-play, so the bulbs can be used in any lamp with standard socket sizes. Features: The series isn’t compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home, but it is compatible with smart-home hubs that connect using ZigBee technology.... Read more
Commentary by Ruairi O’Brien – The Good the Bad and the Ugly
We sit as lighting designers in our offices and look at beautiful pictures of beautiful lighting scenarios in beautiful glossy magazines. We are inspired by possibilities that new lighting technologies can offer us and allow ourselves to dream of the beautiful projects to come. Reality hits us as soon... Read more
TiL Interview with Prof. Christian Cajochen – Head of the Centre for Chronobiology at the University of Basel
Human Centric Lighting has become a catchphrase used by industry and the press. But the press has also started reporting that research emphasizes the danger of LED lighting in connection to our health and has coined the term “Blue Light Hazard”. These claims have caused confusion amongst end users... Read more
UniCredit Pavilion Milan – Organic Design Made of Wood and Glass
UniCredit Pavilion Milan – Organic Design Made of Wood and Glass Client: UniCredit, Milan Architecture: aMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl, Milan Lighting Design: Lighting design: Gruppo C14, Alexander Bellman Lighting Systems: Compact, Grasshopper, Light Board, Optec, Pollux @ ERCO Trends, Architecture: Organic design made of wood and glass Lighting Features: Architect and... Read more
UltraFlat-System for Creative Luminaire Designs
UltraFlat-System for Creative Luminaire Designs Design: OSRAM Trends: An ultraflat lighting system that combines a flat DALI LED driver, a flat light and motion sensor and an extra slim LED module. Features: The ultraflat lighting system will enable designers to create unique, design-oriented luminaires with an effective installation depth of just... Read more
Luminary that Absorbs Sounds
Luminary that Absorbs Sounds | Pétale Suspension Design: French Architect Odile Decq Trends: A luminary that combines a sound-absorbing panel white elastic tissue with the light source. Features: The truly extraordinary feature of this object with an organic form is the way it absorbs sound. While it is ideal for use in... Read more
Lighting Installation that Disappears into the Ceiling
Lighting Installation that Disappears into the Ceiling Design: Georg Bechter Trends: The electrical connectors for luminaries are integrated in the ceiling, which leads to aesthetic mounting solutions. Features: This solution was awarded with the Austrian Staatspreis 2015, Red Dot Award 2015 and the Iconic Award 2014. Sources: GEORG BECHTER LICHT http://www.georgbechterlicht.at... Read more
Luminary with 144,000 Hours Life-Time
Luminary with 144,000 hours life-time | CSYS Task Light Design: Jake Dyson Trends: Improved cooling system, based on a heat-pipes, increases the life-time of the LEDs and of the luminary. Features: “3 Axis Glide” motion – With a light touch of the finger the lamp arm can be slid up and down,... Read more
Smart Touch Luminary

Smart Touch Luminary

Products February 4, 2017 0

Smart Touch Luminary | senses TOUCH Design: Susanne Scharf & Stefan Eckstein Trends: Smart controlled luminary to adjust direct/indirect light value, color temperature and brightness. Features: Color temperature can be tuned from 2,700K to 5,000K. Sources: Steinel Solutions AG http://www.senses-lights.ch/en/swiss-made/touch/   Read more
Circadian-Friendly Lamp
Circadian-friendly lighting Design: Soraa (USA) Trends: Blue-free bulbs that is significantly less disruptive to human’s circadian system compared to standard LED sources. Features: GaN-on-GaN LEDs with violet emitting light and three phosphors (blue, green and red). The smart SNAP expansion port allows addition of the latest sensors and smarts (e.g.... Read more
Tiered Paintings with Dynamic Backlit LED Lighting
Tiered Paintings Artist: Clint Eccher (USA) Trends: A backlit painting with LED technology (dimmable, color controlled) Features: Connected through SmartControls Sources: LpS 2016 in Bregenz www.clinteccher.com   Read more
Luminary with Dynamic Beam Distribution without any Moving Parts
Luminary with Dynamic Beam Distribution without any Moving Parts Design: Tapio Rosenius (ES) Trends: Dynamic beam distribution from 8-60 degrees without moving parts Features: Smart controlled system Picture: Artemide http://www.artemide.com Light over Time (LoT) is a series of lighting tools allowing design professionals to reimagine, reveal, reinterpret and to... Read more
Color Tuneable Luminaire for Direct and Indirect Illumination with Smart Controlled Technologies
Luke Roberts Design: Luke & Robert (AT) Trends: The first smart luminaire where you can move the light in any direction with app and sensor control Features: Connected with SmartControls (e.g. SmartPhones) Picture: LpS 2016 in Bregenz https://luke-roberts.com Read more
Facade Lighting with Beamer
Facade Lighting – Vorarlberg Museum Artist: Peter Kogler (AT) Project by: Zumtobel Group Trends: Dynamic facade lighting with black & white Picture: LpS 2013 in Bregenz http://kogler.net Read more
World Record: Illuminating with Electroluminescent Films
World Largest Electroluminescent Film Design: InovisCoat (Germany), CEO: Moritz Graf zu Eulenburg Trends: Large area lighting with electroluminescent films Features: 12m2 AC-driven foil emitting blue coloured light Picture: Guiness World Records @ LpS 2016 in Bregenz   www.inoviscoat.de Read more
Light that Adapts with Temperature
Light & Darkness Design/Artist: Julian Lange (Germany) Trends: A luminary that changes the light output based on the operation temperature Features: The housing changes its translucency based on the temperature from black to transparent Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz http://seoul-be-bright.com/light-and-darkness/ Read more
Color Effects with Filter Foils
No Name Design/Artist: Teodora Pavlovska (Germany) Trends: A luminary with colored film materials for decorative lighting Features: Flexible mounting system Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz http://seoul-be-bright.com/category/participants/teodora-pavlovska/       Teodora Pavlosvska Read more
Luminous Textiles

Luminous Textiles

Technology January 12, 2017 0

Lighting Fabrics Design: Carpetlight (Germany) Trends: Flexible curtains with integrated LEDs for interior design Features: DMX controlled system to display patterns Sources: LpS 2016 in Bregenz http://www.carpetlight.com Read more
Automotive Lighting with Laser
BMW i8 Laser Headlights Design: BMW (Germany) Trends: BMW i8 is the first production car in the world that was shipped with laser light headlights Features: The laser lights ensures a high beam range of up to 600 meters. The energy efficiency could be increased by 30% compared to highly... Read more
World Largest Flexible OLED Panel
World Largest Flexible OLEDs Design: LG Chem (Korea) Trends: OLED light panel Features: 406x50mm size, 0,41mm thickness, 20,000 hours lifetime and with a light uniformity of 70% Sources: LpS 2015 in Bregenz www.lgoledlight.com Read more
Horticultural Lighting
Horticultural Lighting for Tomato Production Design: Wageningen (The Netherlands) Trends: Production increase of +4.3% compared to HPS lighting Features: Heat emission of LEDs is much lower than that of HPS Sources: LpS 2016 workshop in Bregenz https://www.wur.nl/en.htm Read more
IoT Lighting System with a Cloud-Based Platform
IoT Lighting System with Cloud Platform Design: Gooee (USA) Trends: IoT lighting ecosystem features sensing, control & communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform Features: The ‘full-stack’ ecosystem provides lighting manufacturers with a service-driven, scalable framework that delivers commercial, retail, hospitality & industrial applications to customers Sources: Gooee... Read more