BDP In New York BDP In New York
BDP has officially opened a studio in New York City – its first studio in the USA. With its newest city studio now open,... BDP In New York

BDP has officially opened a studio in New York City – its first studio in the USA.

With its newest city studio now open, the practice is now actively operating in the USA market. With a focus on designing places for people, BDP is naturally expanding its existing business to design some of the USA’s future residential developments, retail centers, education buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and media campuses – places that connect the modern world. As a global, multidisciplinary practice, BDP is in an unparalleled position to bring designs to the USA market that help investors, developers and occupiers meet environmental, social and governance targets.

Following the completion of groundbreaking projects in North America and Europe where BDP’s teams have repurposed existing buildings, brought together communities and developed people-led places, BDP is creating a new economy that delivers low carbon, socially progressive places and high financial yield to stakeholders.

Nick Fairham, Chief Executive at BDP explains: “As a continuous collective of socially conscious designers, we are building on our legacy of people-centered, multidisciplinary design and we are excited to bring our practice to New York City, where we can merge development opportunities, world-class building design and real social value.

“Our unique ability to adapt and problem solve means we are perfectly placed to bring this kind of unique and important thinking to the city. We want to help design places that bring a better, healthier quality of life for people who live in America’s diverse, active and beautiful cities.”

In response to the New York Mayor, Eric Adams’ ‘Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery’ and the ‘Ten-Year Capital Strategy’ for a socially equitable city – BDP has also developed an urban health study which seeks to improve social value, using ‘meanwhile’ or temporary use of existing and new buildings as a catalyst for creating more connected, healthier communities.

The study identifies areas where more considered use of development sites could bring added social value in the East New York neighborhood, situated along the planned Interborough Express (IBX), which will connect many underserved communities within Queens and Brooklyn.

Rosalind Tsang, BDP’s New York City studio director, added: “Our dynamic multidisciplinary structure combined with more than 60 years international experience, gives us a unique insight into the greatest challenges that cities like New York face. Today our urban environments call for a design approach that cultivates social impact and responds to the climate emergency. BDP has an exceptional track record in these areas across the globe, and we see the opening of our New York City studio as an opportunity to expand our vision to create places that promote wellbeing, inclusivity and sustainable futures.”

In its 60th year operating as a privately owned company, BDP recorded an operating profit of US$16.4million with a turnover of US$149.5million. In 2019, BDP joined forces with renowned Canadian architecture practice, Quadrangle and in 2021 it acquired global sports stadia architect, Pattern Design.

BDP is designing some of the most important buildings and places in North America, including the award-winning Indigenous Hub in Ontario, a mixed-use development that aims to articulate indigenous values and principles through its design and Reina, a mid-rise residential building located in Etobicoke, designed, developed, engineered, and constructed by an all-woman team. It also completed the adaptive reuse of Bata’s former shoe factory in Batawa to transform the former industrial town into a new model for rural, sustainable development and designed 60_80 Atlantic – the first multi-storey wood frame office building built in Toronto for 100 years.


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