A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting
TiL 2018: A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting   As this week sees the launch of the TiL 2018 program, we... A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting

TiL 2018: A Much Needed Event In The World Of Lighting


As this week sees the launch of the TiL 2018 program, we caught up with the curator of the event; renowned lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, to establish what motivated the choices he made, what we can expect from the event, and also why the Til 2018 is needed now more than ever.

TiL: What is your approach as a curator?
RvdH: Trends in Lighting is the first event that knows no industry boundaries and brings together creatives and innovators who work with light. Our attendees and our speakers and workshop tutors are all involved in LED innovation; yet apply their knowledge in different industries, such as architecture, automotive, healthcare, product design and art. We believe that all of us are facing similar challenges and want to utilize new technologies in meaningful ways to create experiences that are memorable and relevant. This is not exclusive to architects. Trends in Lighting brings knowledge, like-minded professionals and curious minds together, and is a fantastic opportunity to up-skill yourself and be inspired.

TiL: What are your main focus areas for this year’s program, and why?
RvdH: OLED is a main focus because we believe it is undervalued as a great and beautiful light source. It also has very broad application areas; we’ve seen cars with integrated OLED lighting as well as decorative home luminaires that glow beautifully. Trends in Lighting hosts and delivers workshops, lectures and gatherings around OLED. But there is much more: the Internet of Things and connectivity will be addressed more deeply and broadly than anywhere else, with an emphasis on meaningful applications. There is too much talk about technology, as such, but we need designers to make things relevant!

TiL: Why do you think the Lighting Industry needs an event like TiL?
RvdH: Trends in Lighting is a much needed event in the world of lighting. It demonstrates that lighting knows no boundaries and has new and unexpected applications everywhere: in healthcare, entertainment, mobility and agriculture, to name just a few areas. But Trends in Lighting is also mission critical for the lighting industry in its quest to find new meanings and new relevance of light in the digital age. We have passed the stage of energy savings being most important and have begun to explore new purposes of light and new applications that bring true value to people all over the world.

TiL: Who do you want to inspire with TiL?
RvdH: At Trends in Lighting you will meet architects, engineers, art directors, product designers, fashion technologists and artists and probably even more professionals. All will inspire each other and that is exactly one of the main objectives of the event. Trends in Lighting will not only be a great three days to get your knowledge up to date, but will also let you go home again, inspired and enlightened.

You can explore the full program here
The Early Bird tickets are on sale till July 2nd. Register today to save €645.


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