#20TrendsinLightingQs2020 Ellie Coombs #20TrendsinLightingQs2020 Ellie Coombs
Name: Ellie Coombs Job Title: Managing Director Where will you spend the holidays? I plan to split Christmas between Yorkshire, London and Sussex and... #20TrendsinLightingQs2020 Ellie Coombs

Name: Ellie Coombs

Job Title: Managing Director

Where will you spend the holidays? I plan to split Christmas between Yorkshire, London and Sussex and then head out to the South of France for New Year

What is your favourite Christmas food? You can’t go wrong with stilton and a bottle of port

What are you most excited about for 2020? I’m excited to see our team build on the great things that we’ve achieved this year. In particular, expansion into Asia following the launch of our new studio in Bangkok, and an exciting new era for Nulty London when we relocate to a new location later next year…

What do you most want to see from lighting manufacturers in 2020? To get onboard with all of the sustainability initiatives that everyone at Nulty, and others within the wider lighting industry, will be championing. We all need to work together as a community to be agents for change by sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. My biggest wish for 2020 is to see us all come together to achieve these shared goals and ideas.

Have you already booked your summer vacation? No, but booking a holiday will be the number one thing on my to do list next year.

Who is your industry inspiration? It seems like an obvious choice, but this year it has to be Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton. It’s an obvious choice for a very good reason – they have both worked tirelessly and passionately to champion Women in Lighting. I was thrilled to see their contribution to the industry acknowledged at the Lux Awards.

Which product has inspired you in 2019? I can’t single out one product as such but I’m excited to see the new products emerging as a result of us making small steps towards a circular economy.

Which project are you most proud of? The project that makes me proud every year is Nulty. In particular our diverse, talented team who work diligently and often around the clock to make sure that every Nulty project is one that we can be proud of.

Can you name another reindeer besides Rudolph? Yes. I can name all of them.

Do you own a Christmas jumper?  Yes. Years ago, I tried to find a jumper with a Christmas tree on it so that I could then add lights to it for a party, but to no avail. My mum knitted me one that evening and popped it in the post. It’s still going strong.

How is sustainability changing your job? In 2020 our mission is to be responsible lighting designers that help the industry move forward. Sustainability will be at the heart of everything we do.

What is your most listened to track this year? Whatever our Creative Director Dan Blaker is playing the office. Usually a power ballad.

What was the last good film you watched? The Favourite

Have you already booked your flights to Trends in Lighting 22-24 September 2020?  I am afraid not – I have a big birthday to celebrate on the 22nd and plan to be somewhere …..dare I say more exotic.

Where was the most interesting place your job took you this year? My job takes me to all manner of interesting locations but one recent trip to the United Nations Office in Geneva stands out.

Will Brexit happen?  The only thing we seem to be able to agree on at the moment is that nobody knows, but I certainly hope it doesn’t happen and to that effect I will be spending the lead up to this Christmas out on the campaign trail and hoping for an early Christmas present – Bollocks to Brexit!

What is your favourite Christmas song?  I love them all and torture the team by playing them in the office every morning in December.

How do you say Merry Christmas in another language? Poorly…..Nadolig llawen, Joyeux Noel.

Do you prefer LED Christmas lights or the traditional incandescent bulb? Well I don’t miss trying to find which lamp has failed J

Can you remember the job/course you were you doing 20 years ago?  I was studying Museum and Exhibition Design in Hull

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