Trends in Lighting | Sept 26-28 | Bregenz
TiL 2017 Show & LpS Expo & Mwanga Expo

The Trends in Lighting Show 2017 highlights the latest trends in the field of Smart Lighting. Systems, controls, IoT solutions and services are presented by leading organizations.

Booth T16
Smart luminaire by Luke Roberts
Booths T22
IoL by zumtobel group
Booth T19
New innovations in smart controlled,
colored tiles from Lumentile
Booth T14
Voice Controlled Experience Lab:
Adjust your Philips Hue lamps using your
voice and the new Amazon Echo device
Booth T13
APIL, the Professional Italian Lighting
Designer Association, will present lighting
design studies and indoor & outdoor lighting

LpS 2017 Exhibition (100+ Exhibitors, 1,600+ Visitors)

The LpS 2017 EXPO is connected to the TiL 2017 Show and presents technologies, components, modules, equipment and services for the development of Solid-State lighting systems. Global major players such as Nichia, Samsung and Osram demonstrate their new technologies.


Mwanga Exhibition

MWANGA means light on Kisuaheli. This is one of the many languages spoken in East Africa. Light is everywhere an important foundation for education and creates meeting places where people can communicate in the evening. For 1.5 billion people who live without connection to the electricity network, a daily challenge. The designforum Vorarlberg and Kairos Wirkungsforschung und Entwicklung GmbH, in cooperation with Zumtobel Group, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg and Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG, have organized a light design competition for young people! The results can be seen in the Mwanga Exhibition in Bregenz.





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