Trends in Lighting | Sept 26-28 | Bregenz
TiL 2017 Show

The Trends in Lighting Show 2017 highlights the latest trends in the field of Smart Lighting.
Systems, controls, IoT solutions and services are presented by leading organizations.

TiL 2017 Sponsor

IoL by zumtobel group (Booth T22).
TiL 2017 Experience Lab:
Adjust Philips Hue lamps using your
voice and the new Amazon Echo device (Booth T14).

Awarded smart system with closed-loop
controlled lighting (Booth T02).

Presentation of lighting design studies and indoor & outdoor lighting projects. Video presentation of realized projects (Booth T13).

Intelligent lighting controllers to save energy.
Example: City of Chur before and after
esave installation (Booth T15).



Smart luminaires (Booth T16).

New innovations in smart controlled,
colored tiles. European funded project
(Booth T19).

Provider of complete LED systems for street-
lighting applications including a high-end
LED lighting module (Booth T20).

Provider of replacements lamps and
luminaires and for professional lighting
solutions, for example in the industrial
or commercial sector (Booth T18).

LpS 2017 Exhibition (100+ Exhibitors, 1,600+ Visitors)

The LpS 2017 EXPO is connected to the TiL 2017 Show and presents technologies, components, modules, equipment and services for the development of Solid-State lighting systems. Global major players such as Nichia, Samsung and Osram demonstrate their new technologies.


Mwanga Exhibition

MWANGA is the Kisuaheli word for light. Kisuaheli is one of four languages spoken in East Africa. Light is an important basis for learning and it also creates meeting points where people can come together in the evening hours. We take “Mwanga” for granted, but for 1.5 billion people living without electricity, it is a daily struggle. In large areas in Africa, Latin America and Asia, people have to use petroleum lamps for light. These lamps are dangerous, expensive and a health hazard!
During the past few years, LED technology has offered an increasing number of possibilities to create light easily, using very little electricity. The non-profit organization, Kairos, located in Bregenz, Austria, has developed an LED module called “Sunlight” that can be produced very cheaply and runs on alternative power sources like accumulators, car batteries, solar panels, windmills and water wheels. The result is that it can be used anywhere in the world.


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