Trends in Lighting | Sept 26-28 | Bregenz
“TiL 2017 Forum”

3-DAY SMART LIGHTING FORUM for Architects, Lighting Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Lighting Designers, Lighting OEMs and IT/IoT System Integrators with special focus on Human Centric Lighting | Connected Lighting | Smart Controls | Internet of Things | Light as a Service

TiL 2017 Forum – DAY 1
Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 26th
08.00 AM – 17.30 PM

08.00 AM – 09.30 AM
Visual Perception – Theory, Practical
Demonstrations, Limitations

In the workshop we want to address both, the opportunities and the risks of LED illuminations. The different approaches to illuminate a room (e.g. directed light versus diffuse light) and the most important quality characteristics of LED illuminations will be demonstrated in a lively and tangible way.


08.00 AM – 09.30 AM
Photonics 4 – Industry 4.0 | End-User Workshop |
Chances of LiFi

The End-user workshop on visual light communication (LiFi) explains the technology and focusing on the chances to adapt LiFi technologies in real applications.

08.00 AM – 09.30 AM
Bluetooth Mesh Workshop and and IoT/Smart Control Panel Discussion

A workshop on Bluetooth mesh networking in professional lighting applications. Simon Slupik, chair of the Bluetooth SIG’s Mesh Working Group and CTO of Silvair, will present a range of dedicated tools for prototyping connected lighting networks employing Bluetooth mesh connectivity. Right after the workshop, a discussion panel will be held during which different representatives of the lighting value chain will share their thoughts on the Bluetooth Mesh standard and its expected impact on the lighting industry.


08.00 AM – 09.30 AM
OLED – Bring Your Design to Light

OLEDs have done more than make previously unimagined technical solutions possible – since they appeared on the global lighting stage. They are adjustable, adaptable and as capable of making a spectacular appearance as of providing more restrained, barely perceptible lighting.


10.00 AM | Seefoyer
“Exhibiting with LED Lighting – Museo dell’Opera
del Duomo in Firence”
Massimo Iarussi, Studio Massimo Iarussi, Founder &
Lighting Designer & Darc Awards Architectural Winner


10.30 AM | Seefoyer
“Light Management Meets IT Technology”
Sven Müller, ITZ Innovations- & Technologiezentrum,
Director Lighting Systems

11.00 AM | Seefoyer
“How Lighting will Become a Secondary Function
of the Luminary”
Bastiaan de Groot, Feilo Sylvania, Global
Director Strategy & New Business Development


11.30 AM | Seefoyer
“Is Smart Lighting Smart in the Eyes of the Customer?”
Dr. Thomas Knoop, Zumtobel Group Services,
Executive Vice President


13.00 PM | Seefoyer
“Artificial Sky – The Evolution of the Sun Indoor and the Moon between Poetry and Science”
Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, CoeLux,
CEO and Founder


13.30 PM | Seefoyer
“EINSTONE Smart Retail – Proven Sales Increase for Retail by Light Installations”

Dr. Christoph Peitz
Director EINSTONE Business

14.00 PM | Seefoyer
“Bluetooth Mesh Networking Paves the Way for Smart Lighting as a Service”
Martin Woolley
Bluetooth SIG, Technical Program Manager


16.00 PM | Grosser Saal
Keynote: “Lighting Visions, Trends & Projects in
Modern Architecture”
Helmut Kinzler, Zaha Hadid Architects
London, Senior Associate


16.30 PM | Grosser Saal
Keynote: “Connected Lighting – A Global View”
Jan Denneman, Philips, Vice-President &
Global Lighting Association, President


17.00 PM | Grosser Saal
Keynote: “”Digitization of Buildings
JAkshay Thakur, CISCO, Business Development Manager


17.30 PM
Transition of Illumination – Light Centric Humans
Fred Maxik
Lighting Science Group, Founder & CEO

TiL 2017 Forum – DAY 2
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27th
08.00 AM – 17.30 PM

09.00 AM
Emotional Design and Its Role in Lighting Design
Sergei Sizy, Lighting Design School (LiDS), Director

08.00 AM | Seefoyer
“Universal Use – Solar Lighting is the Topic of Today”
Reinhard J. Weiss

08.30 AM | Seefoyer
“Building Processes Revolutionised by a Multifunctioning Home Automation – Get Your IoT Building with Aladin”
Hubert Rhomberg
Managing Director

09.00 AM | Seefoyer
Are You IoT-Ready™?”
Evan D. Petridis
Chief System Architect

09.30 AM | Seefoyer
“Light is Freedom of Design”

Aninda DasGupta
VP & Global Head of Strategic Marketing for Digital Systems

11.00 AM | Seefoyer
Clever Innovation that Solves Real Problems and Reduces Costs for LED Emergency”
Russ Sharer
VP Global Marketing & BD

11.30 AM | Seefoyer
Advanced Lighting Control and Smart City Trends in the United States, Latin America and EMEA”
Ian Aaron


12.00 PM – 12.30 PM
DALI Version 2: Lighting Systems and Interoperability Benefit from New Standards and Mandatory Certification
Dr. Scott Wade DALI/DiiA, Technical Manager



14.00 PM – 15.00 PM
Lighting Design Meets Technology – The Struggle Between Quantity and Quality

Moderation: Ms. Susanna Antico, President of APIL (Italian Lighting Designer Association)
Participants: Massimo Iarussi (Lighting Designer), Ruairi O’Brien (President of FILD), etc.

Susanna interviewing David Ghatan (IALD’s President)

16.00 PM – 18.00 PM
TiL 2017 Award Ceremony &
Expert Panel Debate on the Future of Lighting

18.00 PM – 21.00 PM
Get Together- Networking Event
Sponsored by Dow Corning

TiL 2017 Forum – DAY 3
Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28th
08.00 AM – 14.00 PM

09.30 AM – 12.30 PM
Miniaturization of Solid State Lighting Systems
With a special look at novel SSL systems in Automotive,
Signalling, Wearables, Horticulture, Indoor/Outdoor
and Construction.

13.00 PM – 14.00 PM
Lighting Up the Dark Corners of the Internet of Things (IoT) – Live IoT Hacking Demonstration

Learn how to get safety into your IoT lighting system!

Ken Munro, Partner @ Pen Test Partners

TiL 2017 is co-located with the LpS 2017, Europe’s leading lighting technology conference!
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Luminary with Dynamic Beam Distribution without any Moving Parts


UniCredit Pavilion Milan – Organic Design Made of Wood and Glass


Color Tuneable Luminaire for Direct and Indirect Illumination with Smart Controlled Technologies

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